Sorry not sorry


Today’s been .. colorful to say the least. My designer quit on me (lol) – so the rebranding is fucked and will be at a stalemate until I can find another branding company – and I sent an email to a new online watch shop that’s been poaching on my customers. I tried being as polite as possible, asking them (nicely, mind) to stop going around liking pictures that my customers had tagged as #nakedglory, cause’ it’s just really low behavior. I wasn’t expecting an email response, because what do you actually say to the competition when they call you out on deplorable behavior?

What I got instead, was a snarky little facebook status saying .. the hashtag wasn’t owned by me and it’s a free market – they could do whatever they wanted. Way to go missing the point. I don’t own the hashtag (who can even OWN a hashtag FFS) and have never claimed it as mine. What I’m trying to say is, I have worked my fucking ass off to build Nakedglory from the ground up. I don’t fucking appreciate such shitty and unethical business “tactics”. Don’t even fucking pretend to be like “all we ever did was to browse a particular # & ‘liking’ the user contributed content“.

all we ever did was to browse a particular # & ‘liking’ the user contributed content

all we ever did was to browse a particular # & ‘liking’ the user contributed content

all we ever did was to browse a particular # & ‘liking’ the user contributed content

Can I get a round of applause for the balls on this one?

She literally typed that out. Word for fucking word. THAT OBVIOUSLY MEANS YOU’RE TRYING TO GET USERS TO NOTICE YOU BY LIKING SAID USER CONTRIBUTED CONTENT RIGHT? Which OBVIOUSLY IS POACHING ON MY CUSTOMER BASE, AM I FUCKING RIGHT? Friendly competition is one thing, but poaching on customers? That’s pretty damned fucking low.

Let’s just say this wasn’t in the virtual world. Let’s say, I own a chicken rice store. Would it be okay for another chicken rice store owner to walk up to my customers and say, “Hey I sell chicken rice too! Come on over!“. Would it be okay if them to distribute their own fucking store flyers to my customers right in front of my fucking store? That’s just asking for it, am I fucking right?

So damn grossed out right now. Urgh whatever la I can’t even oaisdjfasoidjf

On a less fucked up note, I found a fucking fabulous supplier today. I’m set til’ the end of the fucking year, plus I have a gorgeous gorgeous line up of products that are going to fucking OWN. I shall end this day on a positive note. One fucking awesome good thing that far outweighs the 2 shitty situations, I’m going to take that as a good sign.

Also, a little something I’m keeping close to heart:

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Damn right. Now everyone’s keeping tabs on my page – a fresh (not the same as the immoral ones above) competitor accidentally followed my personal instagram before hurriedly unfollowing 2 seconds later – they’re trying to keep up and I’m not slowing down. That, at least, gives me some comfort against the torrential rain of new competitors. Have a good night, y’all.