Lovely new arrivals + trying my hand at shooting flatlays for #TTR. Last image styled by Lydia Tan.


Val has finished moving into the empty mezzanine above my office. With the TTR’s studio + showroom in our shared unit, it’s pretty much a given that there’s almost always a chiobu or two in the office LOL. Today alone we had Val + DX, so much pretty in one space is way too unsettling (not to mention hard-hitting for UK10/12s like myself WHY Y’ALL METABOLISMS SO FAST WHY).


The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s time for shopkeepers to hustle hustle hustle hard. December always means gift-giving season, so oct/nov is the time to release tons and tons and tons and tons of good stuff for people to purchase. This month alone, there’s an exhausting amount of flea events. Think entire week-long fleas LOL. By the end of this month, I’m SO going to be an overcooked noodle. But it’s gonna be worth it, I can feel it in my bones.


Happy that the xmas season’s nearing, but at the same time kinda freaked out at how fast this year has just flown by. How is it already October?! WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT!?

Gorgeous new arrivals this week. Last week I finally got the internet up in the office. It’s been a long, hard journey filled with obstacles in the form of morons and incompetency, but at least I’ve finally reached the end. I may have grown a beard or two from waiting SO FREAKIN’ LONG – 8 freakin’ weeks wtf – but YAY INTERWEBZ! An office is truly not an office without it.


I’m still in the midst of setting up. It’s taking so much longer than I expected. Half of everything Nakedglory is in my house, half is in my office. It’s honestly very overwhelming and really hard to keep track, especially since I’m already a messy person by nature. I’m trying my very best but holy shit the mess is just aosidjfoisajdfosidjf ):< !



Also officially starting this week as TTR’s in-house designer. This weeks’ banner took me no less than 3 hours in total, sometimes it looks simple but concept-wise I have to keep revising because I do not want it to be just the same old banners you see everywhere.


Here’s to thinking out of the box and making the website even lovelier than before (: ! Also hoping to stick to my deadlines whenever possible so that @joycesayshello won’t kill me LOL.


On one last side note, I accidentally sent 2 wrong watches to a customer. She arranged for a meetup at Kembangan at 7.45pm. I reached at 7.44pm, and she texted me saying we should meet another day because she forgot to bring the watches. I was already at Kembangan @_@ . Why do people do these things seriously WHY YOU DO DIS WHY?!

There’s just something about vintage anything that I can’t get enough of. I love that it’s like a little piece of history that you can take with you; something old and quaint and truly unique, you know what I mean? I started bringing in Vintage pieces awhile ago and I never looked back since. Every piece is just .. special. From the shapes, to the frames. It’s old school that’s vanishing fast.


Okay okay i’m gonna stop. I can’t keep waxing lyrical about every single piece of vintage that I bring in. I could, but I shouldn’t hahaha it’s abit siao. But justified la, right? I mean check out those new arrivals?! So so so so pretty I can’t even T_T.

Love is supposed to be about give and take, not give and give and give until you are all empty inside. I have tried very hard to overlook the small things, to gloss over the things that aren’t important. But this, I will not abide. I have told you over and over, do not cross this line. You toe it consistently, trying to test my limits but now that you have crossed over, this is it. I stand by what I said. This is what it means to keep your word. They’re not just not empty phrases to be uttered to pacify your other half. I expected you to keep yours.

It feels like I am cracked in two; my ears are clogged and my eyes keep leaking but I know it will be better in time. I will get over this loss because I deserve someone who loves me as much as I him, someone less heartbreakingly selfish to think his safety is none of my concern. What if I did nothing, and let this pass? What if I get a call out of the blue to learn that you had passed, because of me not taking a stand on this? I would not be able to take it. This, I can take. Leaving by my own choice, rather than to have you taken away from me. I wish you safety and happiness, maturity over time (hopefully lol). I love you and have done so for a long time; will continue to do so for a while. I can at least say that I’ve tried my fucking hardest and loved you to the best of my ability.

Is this as far as we go?

Mock up for Adrian Seetho Photography + upcoming Site.

Freelanced til 3am, fell asleep, woke up at 8am, freelanced some more, fell asleep on the keyboard. Having a mini panic attack at how much time I lost (4 FUCKING HOURS OH GOD WHY), but I’m almost almost almost almost almost done :'( . It WILL be worth it when I am responsibility free before I leave. I CAN DO THIS. Last 2 items on my list and I AM FUCKING DONE. TTYL #Chionging

Side note: this song has been keeping me going for the last few days. Music video is the bomb too, all shot in one take in one room, using only light effects. Too good.

My gum had been hurting like a bitch recently; bad enough to cause me headaches. So I went to the dentist (chirpiest dentist I’ve ever met) and he told me, “Oh just pluck your wisdom tooth now lor.”

Me: NOW??
Dentist: If not now then when?
Me: Fuck.

Scared as shit. He gave me two injections to my gum (almost pissed myself right then), and asked me to walk around for 15 mins to let the anaesthesia take effect. 15 minutess later, he tried to pull again but it still hurt. Cue another 2 injections (FUCK). 15 minutes after that, STILL HURT WHEN HE TUGGED. Took me to get an X-ray. X-rayed the wrong section of my mouth (left instead of right WTF DUDE). Took 2 oral painkillers. Waited another 15 mins. Went in, sat on the chair of doom and he went right in with the pliers. Felt a little pain but fuck it I told him just do it. Act yi ge brave but on the inside, I was basically quivering like a leaf in turbulent winds. He yanked on that motherfucking tooth like it was the last potato on earth. I could hear it grinding around inside my skull. Yank yank twist twist yank and out it popped! Possibly pissed myself a little. My gum was fucking, fucking, fucking sore after that.

Best part? He charged me for the xray he wrongly took. Bitch.

“People say to me ‘You’ve changed,’ and I say ‘Haven’t you?’ People change, it’s just life.”
– Jake Bugg

He told me that I’m changing into a worse person. Am I? I feel like I’m running forward while he takes little baby steps; a rabbit outrunning a turtle. But this isn’t a race, it’s heading towards a destination, my hand in yours and yours in mine. Am I leaning too far back? Are you reaching too far? Why aren’t we proceeding at the same pace? The worst question of all – what if our destinations aren’t the same? I love you with all my tiny rabbit heart but I don’t know if it’s enough anymore.


22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772

It’s a pretty-ish place. Unique decor for sure, but the food is ultimately forgettable. Friendly staff and a nice place to chill at 3pm on a weekday where very few other humans are in sight. A table of taitais nomming over brunch, a pair of bffs and that was about it. Also, no wifi for anyone because a previous customer released the wifi password online. What kind of logic? Change the the wifi password daily or something la? So confused. Don’t make your new customers suffer just because of one fool leh. Also, isn’t that something people often do? If anything I’d think it would increase the chances of customers if they knew wifi was readily available. I’d return for the ambience if (and ONLY if) the wifi becomes available. Did I also mention they have several power outlets? Great for project work, a nice quiet place to chill. Or to read a book on your ipad (which makes no sense to me) while it charges I guess? Do give it a try and let me know what dishes you liked!

Oh and plus points for the adorable little flowers in equally tiny beakers. Too cute.