I received these shoes that I’d ordered from Zooshoo quite some time ago, and in said parcel was two awesome oxfords, not sure if y’all remember but here are the stock pics:

Quite a few of you have asked me to recommend a good pair of oxfords and I’d never done so cause’ frankly I was still searching. THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!! These oxfords are freakin’ ridiculous! True to size + faux suede + laces that don’t look cheap. They bit the first time I wore them out, but after breaking them in, I can honestly say these are my favourite flats to date. I keep trying to take a proper picture but because they’re black, they just look like .. black blobs in pictures ):< !!! But trust me when I say they're awesome. My only gripe would be that they scratch easily and for someone has tomboy-ish as me, I've already racked up at least 7 scratches. I'd be lying if I said they weren't visible; the shoes are black and the scratches are .. almost white T_T. But I'm not fussy about it, so no biggie. Might be a problem if you are though! Here's the link to the black pair and the grey pair. They’re a tad pricy, $38 SGD without shipping, but they’re worth it. I’m going to get another 2 pairs just in case my current one dies, that’s how kiasu I am LOL.

For sizing reference, I’m a uk6/39, Cotton on 38/39. I took US size 8 and it fits fucking perfectly! It’ll be a little tight at first but will loosen with wear. Go half a size up if you wish to wear socks :D !

In other news, these are my bf’s + my key fobs. Leftmost is obviously mine and CLEAN, the one in the center belongs to him. I seriously have NO fucking idea how he managed to turn it that dirty leh?!?! He took it out and I was completely like :

DAFUQ!!! What did he do with it?!?! Use it to wipe his butt izzit omg seriously?!!?!?!?!? The last one is a new, Black key fob. Frankly, I truly think his keyfob would have eventually turned black anyway with the way he uses it LOL. Got him a new black one, now I can’t see how filthy it is. Ignorance is bliss, right? HAHAHAHA

Oh and the picture on the right is a Dugong touching it’s penis. I just thought it was funny LOLOLOLOL. I figured since I haven’t been taking pictures, the iphone ones will have to make do else since my blog is fast turning to stone from lack of use. The boyfriend and I often send each other randomly stupid pictures that amuse us. The masturbating dugong is one example HAHAHAHA okay now you can’t unsee it – you’re welcome ^_^ ! HAHAHAHAHA okay don’t punch me

My troll friends buying shavers with me for the bf’s bday

Breakfast with my family – first time in a long long time lol. I managed to flip the entire cup of milo on the table heh GO ME!

Joyce dropped by the flea last sat :D ! And on the right, just a semi-close up of my lashes that I’d gotten done for the wedding. These are eyelash extensions! Didn’t hurt, but they’re annoying me now that several have dropped off and I have like weirdly gaping holes in my lashline lol. Please ignore the horrible hair and complexion, I just woke up LOL.

In other news, my bf can wear my fucking shorts tsk!!!!! He picked them up and said “hey I think I can wear”, and proceeded to squeeze into them. Not sure if I should feel offended or sad HAHAHAH FUCK I don’t want to be fatter than him lor kns! As revenge, I’m putting these pictures up on my blog HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HI BF IF YOU SEE THIS, YOU’RE SUPER HANDSOME ROFL

Massive amount of bubblewrap that arrived this morning. Please factor in the chair for size reference lol. My mom’s going to fucking kill me; there’s already barely enough space to move in this house. I might have to sleep on them LOL.

Okay that’s all for pictures on the iphone (those that are allowed to see the light of day, anyway heh heh heh)! It’s the bf’s bday tomorrow! I’m bringing him to USS, then MBS, then supper at night. Can’t wait to see how he fares on the roller coasters, we’ve never sat on one together before :D !

On a completely unrelated side note – Nakedglory has hit 3000 likes!!!!!!!!

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! In appreciation, I’m having a sale on Nakedglory tomorrow – all petites go for $20 (usual price : $24) whilst all large ones are going for $30 (usual price: $36)! Tomorrow at 8pm k, don’t say I didn’t give y’all any warning!

Can I just say that the new watches are BEYOND chio?!?! Here’s a sneak peek, the rest of the pics are already up on facebook :D !

Atom in Maroon

Taboo in Black – finally restocked!

Grid in Gunmetal Grey !!! Available in two different frames – CHIO MAX I KEPT FOR MYSELF!

NEW! Glamour in Cherry. Freaking’ chio shimmery red, this is one of my favourite upcoming designs :D!

Cinch in Black Pearl :D

Basically a shit tonne more! Drop by tomorrow at 8pm k, promise you won’t be disappointed :D ! Check out the facebook album for the full preview of what’s available :D ! Sale will only run for 48 hours so fastest fingers first k :D

Hmkay I’m gotta go prep for tomorrow, hope y’all are having an awesome monday :D ! TTYL KTHXBAI

Random, but this freakin’ thing has finally reached me. It’s a hole-punching tool specifically for watches; can’t tell you how long I’d been searching for a good one that wouldn’t destroy the straps. Now y’all can drop by the flea and request for your straps to be punched (:

Also, how do you like the new layout? Okay fine it’s not that new, just some minor tweaks cause the previous one was looking way too messy somehow.

As some of you may or may not know, there have been new shops selling watches popping up everywhere. It’s disheartening to see when people blatantly copy your ideas and shit. Sometimes I just wanna be like BITCHES PLEASE HAVE SOME MORALS but I know it’s business after all. Some people just have no shame I guess. One of them actually had the balls to BLOCK me on instagram. I didn’t even follow her?! She just blocked me for no fucking reason. Wtf? Must be feeling guilty la LOL.

Did you know that some people have opened their own preorders .. with my photos? like WTF HOW SHAMELESS CAN Y’ALL GET. At least take your own pics, for fuck’s sake! To add insult to injury, they call it the exact .. same .. name. Seriously guys? Seriously??

Recently, I saw one of them selling this so fuck it I’m not going to sell it. I’m going to fucking give it away. Watch out for the upcoming giveaway, either on instagram or facebook (: ! I really try my hardest to make the Nakedglory’s items all unique; so I can’t tell you how much I hate it when people just fucking .. copy off me like that. Urgh. Just thankful I still have my Nakedglory watches that not a single soul can duplicate, else I’d be eating grass right now zzzzz.

Hmkay I’m done ranting. So anyway – NEW FRAMES AGAIN!! Right one’s the recent round, flat frames whilst the new ones are sleeker and just .. more charming somehow. Love these :D !

Also, finally managed to restock Grid in Gunmetal Grey (Petite) (: ! I’m having a flea today at Scape so drop by if you have the time! I know it’s really last minute but I just got the confirmation yesterday -_- ..

On a final note, Foundry & Co has launched the Summer Casuals collection, consisting of really fun prints (stripes & florals!!) and dotted dresses, shorts and super versatile classic bags :D !

Things I’ll personally be ordering would be these:

1. Drawstring Romper in Floral Blue

2. Striped Button Up Top

3. Summer Dress in Strawberry Prints

Support support support k :D ! Here’s a sneak of what’s available:


I’ve you’ve been reading for a long time, you’d know I’m a big fan of adventure time. Brought in a few pieces to sell, the BMO Tote is approximately A4 size. It’s not made of canvas, more of the recycled type of material. Waterproof (so far, for me lol) but sturdy. The Finn/Jake Tote (each character’s face is printed on one side) is pretty big and it’s damn convenient for carrying my 10000 parcels to the PO. Kept one of each for myself, text me at 96716946 if keen ^_^

On a completely unrelated note, I purchased the ticket’s for my bf’s celebratory ~thingy~. I shall just call it thingy la cause’ as UN-techsavvy as he is, he might still chance upon this so thingy it shall be. Can I just say that when the money flew out of my account my heart froze for a second?! Spending exorbitant amounts really raises my blood pressure LOL. Til this day, I still can’t fantom why anyone would splurge thousands on a bag. All I can think of is WTF?!?!?! $6000 for the bag !??!?! I can purchase 120 packages from F21 for the same amount?!?!! So I guess I won’t be toting around a branded .. um .. tote anytime soon.

ANYWAY, he mentioned he’d like one of two things for his birthday. One’s a shaver and the other’s a Hurom Juicer.


DAFUQ?! Weird ass boyfriend of mine wants a juicer cause he’d like to maintain a healthier lifestyle. *FACEPALM*. He’s been talking about it for months, and frankly I can’t believe I’m considering dropping $600 on a fucking juicer tsk. He’s been reading reviews and forcing me to watch their videos -_-. Okay la it’s pretty awesome la (watch the video here on youtube, no joke lol) can make your own soymilk (wtf) and even POTATO JUICE (not even joking LOL); but wtf he’d better make 6000 cups of juice with this else it wouldn’t be worth my money at ALL.

Still considering. The shaver that he wanted is OOS island wide (DAFUQ), so I’m seriously wondering if I should. have been hardcore googling the shit out of this, found quite a few sellers of it on qoo10 and they’re relatively cheaper (by at LEAST a hundred bucks wtf), so I’ll .. probably be getting this for him.

Just wondering if I should prepare like a shit tonne of fruits when I give this to him? Am I supposed to give him like a fruit basket hamper or someshit? HAHAHA I can’t even?!?! Also, have been searching for those GIANT Milo Dino cups that you see in kopitiams. If anyone can tell me where to get a new one I’d be entirely grateful! Can probably sneak that into his ~fruit hamper~ or something lol. Maybe I’ll just put like 1000 bananas in just to piss him off HAHAHAHA

Been crazy busy this week, I haven’t really gone out of the house because of work and quite frankly, I’m loving the me-time. The bf’s still in reservist and will only be done at the end of this week so YAY 2 more days of boyfriend-free time :D ! Which sounds kinda horrible but whatever LOL.

That said, someone asked me on formspring where to get those belts with the metal parts in the middle. I brought in a few and will be selling them at the flea for $15 (: ! OSFA = One Size Fits All, btw !

I’ve a booth at Scape Bazaar once more and this time, I’ll be clearing both watches AND Foundry & Co stuff for cheap, so drop on by :D ! We’ll be outside Gong Cha and I’m bringing 10 new designs + 5 unreleased watch designs to the flea so stay tuned else you’ll really miss out D: !

Also trying my hand at bags, so brought in these cute litle candy coloured bags with convertable chains! Can be carried as a handbag or a sling bag or tuck in the chain strap to make it an adorable hand held clutch! Comes in 4 colours :D

My bf’s bday is coming up on the 18th, not too sure what I’m supposed to do at this point. He doesn’t like a big fuss and I’ve planned something pretty ~happening~ and not to mention fucking expensive -_- . So if he doesn’t like it I’m going to PUNCH him lol.

For the gossip mongers; the wedding lunch and dinner came and went. I saw him.. and was honestly completely unaffected. I thought seeing him would have more of an impact but it was really like ‘oh ok so?’ .. you know that feeling? Totally zero effect on me, happy as a clam :D !

Hmkay I’m gonna go grab a bite, I’ll be extending this post with a loot post + I’m selling some of my loot so check back at around 8pm k :D ! UPDATED!

F21 Southwestern Faux Leather Cuff

F21 High Impact – Cutout Back Sports Bra
F21 High Impact – Mesh Back Sports Bra

Hope these will turn out nicely! Never bought sport bras from F21 before.

F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in White and Mint

F21 Bejeweled Sleeveless Romper

F21 Pleated Dress w: Striped Belt in Green and Blue

Seems like the cut/material is similar to the Pleated Romper I’d purchased previously. I loved the romper, so here’s hoping the dresses will be as similarly lovely (:

F21 Floral Romper

Possibly my favourite buy of the lot!

F21 Ditsy Triangle Racerback Dress in Black – Tagged Size S as the cutting runs slightly bigger!

Selling for $18 with meetup, text me at 96716946 if keen!

River Island Micha Maxi Beach Dress

Super chio! Saw this one someone on instagram and I was like FUCK I HAVE TO HAVE IT so .. it’s on it’s way to me now lor #incorrigible

Lovebonito Radolf Romper Black

It’s sold out on site but I managed to snag a piece off Carousell (the android/iphone app that you should try out if you wanna sell your stuff fast!)!

Megagamie Gich Zippy Playsuit In Midnight & Black

Saw someone wearing this 2 weeks ago at the flea and it looked SO cute! Decided to get both cause I’m kiasu like that. Also, zips can be opened for an exposed romper but I assume only non-fat people can do that LOL.

Megagamie Porcelain Floral Pom Pom Dress In Blue – Selling this in Size L !

Fits a UK10 perfectly :D ! Retailing for $32 excluding postage, selling for $25 if you pick it up at the flea this Saturday :D ! Text me at 96716946 if keen (:

Labellavita Renee Ribbon Back Top in Yellow SOLD and Black – Retailing for $25.50 excluding postage D: !

Free sized, fits uk8 best! Selling at $21 for the black one if you pick it up at the flea this Saturday :D ! Text me at 96716946 if keen (:

#EZ137-8 Printed Panel Bandeau Dress from Eating Zombie

Really really like this but it’s so small T_T! Fits uk 6 best! Selling for $23, text if keen!

ASOS Glamorous Leaf Print Tea Dress – Darker in real life. Tagged UK10, selling at $23 with meetup!

Okay I think that’s about it. Some of you have been asking if I’ll open a F21 spree whenever I shop online, but honestly it’s a hassle I don’t think I have time for! If I ever need more buyers to hit the free shipping mark, I’ll post it up but I seriously doubt it la lol.

Btw, the Personalized Key Fob Preorder ends this Friday, so get yours today if you haven’t; click on the picture above to be redirected!

Hmkay that really is all, hope y’all are having a good wednesday :D !

Whatup ladies! The much awaited Key Fob Preorder opens once more and it’s now available in Black as well! Personally am a fan of the black fobs, the leather is thicker and slightly more pliable. Also, my bf is works really hard and gets his hands dirty all the time, so his beige leather fob is basically black now >:( ! It looks like he used it to clean his butt or something wtf it’s SO DIRTY LEH! I’ll take a pic soon for a comparison LOL just to see how gross he is.

Preorder opens on Friday, 8pm so stay close! Super limited slots!

Anyway, he’s away in camp for reservist right now and has been in there since Monday. I’m not complaining; in fact I’m quite happy whenever he gets the notice for reservist duty. Is it bad of me to say that I really appreciate the extra me-time I get? I don’t have to meet him, I get extra time to do my work instead of needing to take care of him LOL. Plus, he gets all the sleep he needs whilst in camp so for that I am truly grateful.

Oh and and and and all you folks who love drama, the wedding’s coming up this Saturday lol. I’m still about 30% apprehensive. Really not sure what’s going to happen but then again, it’s the wedding of one of my dearest friends so I definitely won’t start shit la lol.

OH and did I also mention we’re having a flea again at Scape this Saturday (and the subsequent Saturday) as well? 7 or 8 new petite designs will be available for sale. I don’t have any pictures at the moment cause’ I won’t have the stocks til really really late tomorrow night, but if you guys remember / are long-time readers, there was one watch design that I kept for myself because it was freakin GORGEOUS and I only had just the one piece lol. I managed to find more of those watch faces! SO EXCITED because they’ll be housed in our new Petite frames, which I completely love. They’re so dainty and flattering when worn!!! Excited max omg.

Here’s the watch face I’m talking about:

Check out the magic tiled background T_T! How chio T_T ?!?! Don’t miss out :D !

Restocking this weekend, very limited pieces so drop on by to get them at only $20 :D ! New designs for the large faces will also be available and they’re only going for $25 D: ! Unsold ones will be up for sale on Nakedglory the following Monday (:

On a completely unrelated side note, I freakin’ love my hair now! My poor hair has gone through the trauma of being the mercy of a completely SHITTY “hairstylist”. I had really good hair before I went in to the get my ends trimmed. ALL I WANTED WAS A SLIGHT TRIM, BITCH!!!! ROAR she fucking butchered the shit out of my hair, giving me like 1000000 layers when I already have really thick hair?! If an Ah Lian and a paint brush had a baby and that baby exploded, that would be the exact description of my hair after she massacred it. It was a shitty mess ):< !! It took about 3 FREAKIN’ months to grow out, and at that point I completely stopped camwhoring because a) my hair looked like a cuckoo was trying to breed in it and b) it was basically horrendous. I had to keep on cutting it as it grew out so I could level the layers. Seriously, I still get pissed off whenever I pass the “salon”. I even contemplated defacing the shop front at one point of time – yes i was THAT pissed.

SO ANYWAY, after it grew out, it was no longer soft and manageable. I had to blow dry then straighten the crap out of it to get it in some form of acceptable shape on a daily basis. Right after blow drying it’d look fine and dandy, but two hours in, somehow air would just get trapped in it or maybe a ghost was holding it up throughout the day or some shit because it would PUFF UP like a freakin marshmallow ):< ! Finally took some time out of my schedule to get my hair soft-rebonded. Personally I hate the whole flat ‘rebonded’ look and feel, so after I soft-rebond my hair, I’ll wait about half a day before washing everything out. I find that my hair retains the soft texture without having the super flat look remain and that’s where it’s at right now. LIKE FINALLY. No more puffy bad hair days! I just blow dry and it’ll retain it’s shape beautifully. Okay okay I know super OTT vainpot talk but I’m just so happy I finally took the time to get my hair in order ^_^ ! I did my soft-rebonding at Monsoon (or was it twister??) at Tampines 1. Approx $140 cause it was 40% off. Highly recommend it, it’s been almost a month and I’m pleased to say that my hair hasn’t lost it’s shape/texture at all. Super love! Will definitely be returning.

Hair progression via selling post pics HAHAHA! 3 years ago, my hair was so long, it actually reached my butt crack lol! Then one day, a hairstylist said she would “trim” but chopped off several inches. From then on I just kept going shorter and shorter til I stuck with this bob :D !

Oh and gonna get my lashes done tomorrow, hope it’ll go well this time. The last time I went there, the girl told me to open my eyes slightly .. and proceeded to drop GLUE in my right eye. It stung like crazy; like 30 ant bites in a concentrated area zzz. Seriously I was tearing so badly. While I was trying not to die from the pain, she actually asked me, “are you okay?”. At that point I just wanted to rage the fuck out. Like hello????? YOU DROPPED GLUE IN MY EYE LEH. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?! My sister went with me and remained completely unscathed with super nice eyelashes ):< ! She kept laughing so hard at me cause I couldn’t open my eyes afterwards pfffft. Anyway, fingers crossed!

Also, managed to run 3.2km without stopping 2 days ago :D! Honestly quite surprised cause’ I never used to have any stamina at all. The first time I started exercising about 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t even finish a 700 meter round. So happy :’) ! Bought exercise gear and lotsa other random crap cause Cotton On online was having a sale. I got 4 sports bras for $40! That’s like freakin $10/sports bra leh wtf how cheap!?!?! I bought them about 2 days ago and they arrived today. The sports bras are super comfy and offer a lot of support; plus they look really good! My only complaint would be that they aren’t properly padded. Also bought a shitload of stuff from other websites, will do the loot post within the next few days :D!

Okay this post is super long cause I just felt like talking to someone but it’s 1.16am so that’s abit implausible, so I’ll just virtually talk to you guys here ^^! Hmkay I’m done yammering, more updates tomorrow :D !

My shit tonne of parcels arrived at my door step today (: ! Everything fits great except for one F21 dress that’s too small for my boobs LOL so gonna sell that soon (it’s the mint tribal one from THIS POST, text me at 96716946 if keen! Tagged Size M btw). Everything else is BOMB.

Check out these infinity rings and the wishbone charm bracelet, both from F21. The rings are really adorable, but as with most Forever21 Jewelry, they’ll die a very fast death lol. Wish their stuff would last longer, but for the price, it’s pretty much value-for-money. The bracelet is really super cute, boyfriends should get this for their girlfriends to earn points LOL.

Also, be on the lookout for these awesome accessories, to be up on Foundry and Co on the 1st of June ;) !

Thank you ALL for the crazy response for the sale, orders have been flooding in since 8pm. I somehow received an order at 7.51pm, I really have NO idea how the hell she managed to check out since I locked all the links but okay shrugs I appreciate the hardcore googling HAHA! That said, watches are flying off the shelves left and right, do get yours whilst they’re still available! 20% off is no joke btw, I kept thinking WTF I MUST BE CRAZY whilst I was adjusting the prices.

On a completely unrelated side note, I went to meet a buyer today who was 25 freakin’ minutes late. I wasn’t that annoyed cause I was shopping on instagram LOL. ANYWAY, after meeting her, I went into the mall to escape the heat and ended up trying on a few dresses. I always take 2 sizes (uk10 & UK12) for the clothes I’m trying so that I don’t have to go out again to swap sizes. Every single UK10 item fit with a little bit of wriggle room ^_^! So happy to be able to see some progress after running my freakin’ butt off over the past 2 weeks. Gonna go run again in a while, can’t tell you how good it feels to fit into UK10 dresses again ^_^!

Keep a look out for tomorrow’s post k, I have awesome Adventure Time & BMO totes to be up for sale. They are FREAKIN’ CUTE SO STAY TUNED OR MISS OUT! Hmkay more photoshop to do so I’ll update again tomorrow. Hope y’all are a having a good Monday :D

Hi guys, thanks for the great response for the flea (: ! It was really nice to meet some of you face to face (: ! Don’t forget about our launch tomorrow :D! Am going to take 20% the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SITE so stay tuned :D !! 3 days only k so don’t you forget about us ;D ! Here’s some new pretties you could get your hands on:

The last watch is one of the prettiest ones I’ve EVER seen, and that’s saying a lot from someone who see them on a daily basis. It doesn’t look as much in pictures, but once worn; it was OFF THE CHARTS. Unfortunately, it already belongs to someone cause’ She’d ordered the previous hexagon in white but they sent me the wrong color, so she chose this one instead. Lucky she did else I’d have kept it for myself. Beyond gorgeous. If anyone is interested, might be able to open a preorder for this (: !

That said, remember to visit the site tomorrow :D ! Okay i gtg poop HAHAHA BRB

With several dozen of the best looking Shortcodes around, we wanted to give you a sample of the many high-end Shortcodes built into X. We’ve grouped some together so this isn’t a super long post, however for a complete list with demos and examples of each, be sure to head over to our Shortcodes page.

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The Table of Contents shortcode available in X offers up some incredible SEO benefits to your standard posts and pages. It’s easy enough to paginate individual posts or pages in WordPress using the <!--nextpage--> code in the editor, but it doesn’t provide any real engaging way for your visitors to know what they’re in for as they click through to the next post. That’s where the Table of Contents shortcode comes in.

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You can easily add the Table of Contents shortcode to the left or right of your post content, or have it go full width, which is great for placing at the bottom of your posts to remind visitors of what sections are left. Click through on the table of contents shortcode above to go through to the next page and see the shortcode in action!



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Great for a call to action or important information, these Content Bands will help you be truly creative with how your content is presented.


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Great for a call to action or important information, these Content Bands will help you be truly creative with how your content is presented.


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Great for a call to action or important information, these Content Bands will help you be truly creative with how your content is presented.


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[custom_headline type=”left” style=”margin-top: 45px;” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true”]Over Three Dozen Shortcodes Included When You Buy X Today[/custom_headline]

While just a sample, hopefully this give you a small window into how we think about Shortcodes. Instead of just creating the basic ones (which we did and you have access to them as well), we wanted to take it a step further by providing some really useful business and marketing oriented solutions like Table of Contents and Responsive Visibility. As a customer of X, you not only get instant access to our entire Shortcode library, you’ll also have access to all future Shortcodes we develop for future releases.