I’m kind of in rage mode right now, and it’s all thanks to this inconsiderate auntie I met. I was in queuing up to deposit cash in the Cash Deposit Machine (duh). There were 2 machines, and therefore 2 queues and she was the 2nd in line in her queue, I was the third. The guy in front of said slimy auntie was damn slow, and when the person using the machine in my line left, the girl directly in front of me hesitated and walked away. So my turn, right? FUCKING AUNTIE JUST CROSSED INTO MY QUEUE AND STARTED USING THE MACHINE!!!!!

I swear, this is all that went through my mind:

So I just said, “Eh auntie!”. TO WHICH SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED. Seriously. This fucking slut. I kept thinking that I’m like twenty-fucking-four, so I can’t go around swearing at people anymore but I was FUCKING furious. I really just wanted to go up to her and whisper something fucking disturbing softly in her ear. Something like “I am going to find a donkey and I’m going to make it rape you in the ass.”. Or something to that effect la. Then the slow dude she was previously standing behind left, so I just went to that machine instead of grabbing her by the neck and slamming it repeatedly into the machine like I really desperately wanted to.

Honestly though, I was in a good mood cause I just randomly bought a water dispenser for my boyfriend and had just met my friend for dinner. Fucking old cunts like those deserve to just drop dead and die. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can pull shit like that. Seriously I hope you get a serious case of piles and you can’t sit down for like the next 10 years. Bitch.


Okay end of rant. On a happier note, preorder has closed and our order has been placed *throws confetti*! Thank you for the great response, will definitely open more preorders in future :D!

I know I really haven’t been blogging much, but I sometimes feel I can’t be honest here anymore. I can’t complain about customers or work cause’ it makes me feel like I’m being unprofessional. What i CAN say is that recently, a lot of people have been using my pictures to open preorders. I would just like to say that I find it fucking intolerable and honestly damn unethical. I put in the effort to take those pictures; to edit them etc. I do not appreciate you just swooping the fuck in, taking them and opening your OWN preorder. Then saying “oh pics credit to Nakedglory”. YOU’RE A DIRECT COMPETITOR. What the fuck is wrong with you? Grow some ethics, for fuck’s sake tsk.

Aiya okay I’m getting cranky just talking about it, blog more tomorrow! Hoping to try to take selling post pictures tomorrow so do stay tuned :D

Yesterday, I finished a crazy amount of work so I decided to take a break to de-stress. Finally went out of the house for several rounds of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Shooting the heads off zombies really really really helped me to blow off some steam.

On that note, I’m not getting any younger and honestly I think age is catching up with me. I used to be able to stay up for 48 hours straight doing crazy stuff, now I’m awake til 3 or 4am do to work and it feels like an elephant has been doing the macarena on me zzzz. That said, I’m tired and cranky especially when the workload gets crazy. It makes me a lot less tolerable and I guess it’s taking a toll on my relationship. I just want to give you a call and talk about random stuff for 5 mins. It takes my mind of my work and de-stresses me, yet most times now it only causes me distress. I feel like asking for a short break away from each other but I don’t know if it will be something I’ll regret. Can I just lie down and sleep for a week please zzzz

Also, someone on formspring said I don’t usually post OOTD so .. here’s today’s OOTD, horribly zhipai-ed by yours truly LOL.

Shirt’s from F21, knicker shorts from Topshop, Spiked necklace from F21, floral watch from Nakedglory lol. Okay that’s all, ttyl!

Scape Underground
Unit B15

We’re now stocked at Selcouth *throws confetti* ! You can now collect your parcels in the very heart of town :D ! Check out these cute little Nakedglory flags that serve as namecards ^_^! Many thanks to the very helpful Priscilla who helped me cut them and get them ready to be stocked at Selcouth (: !

That aside, recently I’ve just been so crazy tired zzzzz. I wish I could just lie down and sleep for one week straight or something. Don’t even know how I’m going to cope once school starts in September @_@. Okay can’t whine too much, ttyl!

All these awesome designs are now up on Nakedglory! Get them while they’re still available ;) ! Keep an eye out for some new designs to be up on site over the next few days :D!

On a completely unrelated, I am completely fucking worn out. Today was a long day ): .. Am continuing with parcel wrapping before more work tomorrow, so ttys!

Tim Ho Wan

#01-29 Plaza Singapura
The Atrium @ Orchard
68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6251 2000

Took some time off to eat with my most annoying friends (LOL HI SHAUN) before meeting a new client. Went to Tim Ho Wan because I’d heard good things; I wasn’t about to waste 2 hours (that could have been spent on freelance) on mediocre food. Queue took about 20-ish minutes, considering there was about 20 people before me, I think the waiting time was pretty acceptable. The food, however, is amazeballs!

We had both the Pig Liver Vermicelli Rolls (basically chee cheong fan la why must name it Vermicelli freaking mafan to type tsk) and the Shrimp Vermicelli rolls. The Pig Liver one was super nice; liver wasn’t powdery nor did it leave any aftertaste in your mouth. Good stuff. Shrimp one was tasty but it didn’t particularly stand out; I prefer the ones served at Canton Paradise.

Carrot cake was better than average – slightly burnt but not that crisp. I personally love carrot cake but I wouldn’t order this the next time around unless they’re ultra crispy. Pork Ribs also mediocre; Siew Mai and Har Gao were pretty damn awesome, the Har Gao especially! We ordered two baskets of it and fought each other for the last piece LOL. Shrimp in Beancurd skin was also better than average but rather oily; the standout fried dish would definitely be the Egg White Spring Rolls. Not your average rolls man seriously. At first bite they were rather bland, but upon further chewing, they released an intense eggy flavor that got more satisfying with each subsequent bite. Also, I love egg white so I may or may not be biased. But order it anyway la, you won’t regret it!

As for the Osmanthus Cake, both dudes said they rather liked it, although they did mention it would be a lot better if served colder. It was not appealing to me at all though lol. The star of the meal would definitely be the BBQ Pork Buns! They were coated in some sorta crunchy sweet/salty crust, upon tearing it apart you get to the barbequed meat. The combination was awesome! You know when people tell you how good a movie is and you go in expecting excellence and it often falls short of your expectations? Everyone kept telling me WOW THE BUN DAMN NICE and I was like pfft how nice can a freakin char siew bao be but DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

This was basically all 3 of our faces upon biting into our BBQ buns:

Unfortunately, you can only order 1 basket/pax due to the high demand. We obviously used up our limit LOL.

Service was pleasant; friendly but not too efficient, I’d say they are still getting the hang of things. Water costs 50 cents but is refillable, which was a nice surprise lol.

And yes we basically tried to eat our way through the entire menu LOLOLOLOL. Add 3 drinks to that and the total bill only came up to $81.10 after GST. Pretty reasonable considering the insane amount of food we consumed. Will definitely return on a weekday when the queue is not crazy long.

On a side note, you know how people always talk about the “Honeymoon period”? It’s never like that for me. If I hit it off with someone, I don’t believe in letting things sour. Plus it helps that I’m funny and the people I date are usually funny as well. Not as funny as me, of course, but passably funny is okay with me la I have low standards LOL. Actually no, scratch that, I am funny enough for two people! Okay that’s the story I’m going with and I’m sticking to it.

SO ANYWAY, funny business (HA! See how punny I am ^_^?) aside, I’m a fucking awesome girlfriend. Seriously. I don’t nitpick, I don’t give a shit about monthsaries (really?) or anniversaries or what have you. I don’t stop him from clubbing or pubbing or messaging other girls; checking them out in front of me or even taking their numbers. I’m fucking fine with it. I’m okay with him watching porn and I even GAME with the dude. No la joking, I obviously OUTGAME him LOL (seriously, what kind of mage attacks at close range tsk this moron). I may be tardy and untidy and occasionally prone to violent outbursts and rage babies but fuck la am I not fucking awesome?

Perhaps I’m too fucking tolerant; too nice to the point where you think I’ll always be okay with the bullshit you pull. Today, I travelled to fucking JURONG to meet this toad after spending the whole fucking day juggling freelance + mailing parcels + checking payments + 7 meetups + travelling down to fucking town to meet a client + meeting the client which took slightly more than an hour. Please note that I AM IN TOWN, whilst this fucking toad is in JURONG, but he didn’t want to come to town, so he asked me to GO TO JURONG SO WE CAN CAB HOME TO SENGKANG TOGETHER. Logic for the motherfucking win. You want me to go down to a further destination so that we can take an EVEN longer (and not to mention, pricier) cab ride home together. I agree to do so, because I love this stupid toad and my love for him obviously makes me weak and stupid. So I travel to Jurong, became thoroughly ashamed of being a Singaporean after meeting a very racist auntie (whom I was very tempted to punch in the throat), and by this time my battery stands at an amazing 3%. I call him, he says he’s drinking with work mates, will be there by 10.45pm.

Fine. I am tolerant and benevolent and I still have 2% battery to listen to music for the next 18 minutes. It’s an acceptable proposal so I do just that. 10.45pm comes and goes. 10.55pm and still nothing. My battery promptly dies so I ambush a lady standing nearby and call the tardy prick.

WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!“, I say in my head. I remember that I’m in the presence of a woman who looks like she might wilt away if I swear, so I gently ask where the fucking fuck he is (but without the swearwords. Yes I am passive aggressive as fuck), he says he’s still drinking and he will be there in 15 minutes. I return the phone and seethe quietly. I also grow several beards as 11.10pm flips me off as it walks on by.

By now it’s 11.20pm and I have lost all my patience. There is no one nearby for me to ambush, so I walk around trying to find a public phone which is almost impossible because public phones are almost extinct. I manage to find one anyway because I am awesome. I call him up and he tells me, “WRU I’VE BEEN LOOKING AROUND FOR YOU AND CAN’T FIND YOU!” which I find implausible because a) I was just there like 3 fucking minutes ago and I didn’t see his stupid fucking face anywhere and b) I am angry as fuck so whatever he says is untrue and impertinent to the fact that I AM ANGRY AS FUCK.

I seethe even more. My head feels like it’s about to explode from how pissed off I am. I backtrack and find him about 30 meters away from the taxi stand, staring up into the sky because he is somewhere between tipsy and drunk. My head explodes from sheer angst.

Okay fine, it obviously did no such thing, but I was seriously beyond fucking pissed. I haven’t been this pissed off at him in such a fucking long time. I almost punched him the fucking face. My time is precious. If my laptop still had juice, I could have done some work and not be this pissed. But hello!? NO FUCKING PHONE NOR LAPTOP AND ALL I COULD DO WAS SIT THERE FOR NEARLY AN HOUR BECAUSE YOU WERE FUCKING DRINKING. Fucking inconsiderate. Just because I’m always so fucking good to you, doesn’t mean you can treat me like fuck. I’m not your fucking dog k. I’m not just going to wait patiently wagging my fucking tail while you finish doing your unimportant crap (ie DRINKING). Angry as fuck seriously.

When the cab got to his place, I told him to just go home and sleep it off whilst I went to my own house. He had the fucking nerve to get pissed off at me for not staying over. He fucking slammed the taxi door shut!?!?!?!?! i almost get out of the cab to punch him but once again I am passive aggressive so I just kill him 5 times in my head.

Tomorrow when he’s out of his fucking drunken stupor and calls to apologize, he’s going to get so much shit from me that his asshole is going turn bright green with jealousy. Pfffftttt okay rant over, going to sleep now that I’ve vented, ttyl.

P.S – The beards that I have grown whilst waiting are magnificent and metaphorical. I shall now leave you with the mental image of me with multiple beards. See how you sleep tonight HAHAHAHAHAHAH KTHXBAI

Work’s catching up with me much too fast. Why does it feel like there are only 2 hours a day? To makes matters worse, today I couldn’t even leave my bed for a few hours (despite having a shitload of work to do) because my womb felt like it was basically trying to punch it’s way out of my body. WHY MUST GIRLS HAVE CRAMPS WHY?!?! Urgh cranky as balls ttyl

Itacho Sushi
Jcube, #02-15
2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6684 4083

Had an excellent meal at Jcube with the boy yesterday. First time here, so we ordered a little bit of everything. One of the things that stood out was the Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi ($6.80/ea) in the very first picture. Lightly seared but mostly raw, it was tender and just super tasty. Boyfriend especially liked the Roasted Squid Leg Sushi ($2.80/ea) cause’ it’s texture very closely resembled that of sweet prawn sashimi. Really good! Actually, almost everything was damn good la seriously HAHA we’ll definitely come back again. Total came up to $80.85 for the both of us, but that’s cause we basically ate our way through their menu lol. Worth a try for sure :D!

On a completely unrelated side note, restocking + adding new designs for the flea this Saturday at 3 Jalan Kledek, 5 – 10pm !!! :D !

NEW! Tiny in Cream :D

Restocked: Savvy in Gold.

And finally, I managed to find high quality watch frames of the right size to house these beauties. So freakin’ happy I CAN’T EVEN oOAISDJAOISJDOAISJD T_T !!!! Petites are 2.3cm in width while these are 3.3cm across in diameter inclusive of watch frame (: ! We’ll be selling these exclusively at the Chic Fashionista flea this coming Saturday at 3 Jalan Kledek, check out their poster below:

I can’t say much about the poster, but there are A LOT of well known brands that’ll be there :D! Hope to see y’all there ^_^ ! If you can’t make it for the flea, we’ll be stocking some of the petites at our Jcube Miyoc (#04-14) shelf tomorrow (: ! Whatever remains unsold after the flea will be sold online (: ! Else, join our facebook ‘Like&Share’ contest here to win one of your very own (: !

Okay that is all, up to my eyeballs in work ): TTYL

Ripe avocados. They look so ugly but taste divine. I halve them, scoop out the flesh and make smoothies when time permits.

Char Siew Baos from Canton Paradise. These have a crunchy crust on them which I really quite like!

Ah poop I’m running late will update this part later

Hmkay so we went to Jurong Bird park. Fed birds, stood really near them and very nearly died from fear. Oh and a bird sat on my head (I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING). On a happier note, I didn’t get crapped on YAY! It was, however, constantly raining (lightly) though. Which meant my boots were soaked through (OKAY I KNOW I KNOW why did i wear boots to bird park wtf brain), giving me an excuse to buy a cute pair of striped slippers YAY!

Nommed at Jang Shou, then met Cindy afterwards for drinks. So much gossip and mental images i may never erase from my mental retinas T_T THANKS AH CINDY! It was a well spent day off from the crazy amount of work I have yet to finish zz.

Finally bought my 50mm lenses for a shoot on Monday and as it is Tuesday as I type this, can I just say that I am painfully sunburnt as FUCK. Also I wore a tank top so I have fucking black arms and a super white torso. You may now call me Yoko Oreo Yeap. GOD DAMN IT LOL next time I really have to consider the horrendous sun for future shoots.

Complaints aside, the shoot went swimmingly and these lenses are KILLING IT. So fucking awesome, why didn’t I get them earlier?! Pfft okay shoot pics tomorrow or the day after la we’ll see heh. Okay ttyl 10000 errands to run today.