Finally met my favourite cutiepies for drinks on Thursday night, they left earlier; Lena and I somehow we ended up at Aqua Nova with a table full of drinks. High as a kite by 3am lol. Stumbled back to Jamie’s place where I promptly fell into a deep coma. Go me.

Prata & Aijisen with the boyfriend on Good Friday. So rare that he gets a day off so it was a pleasant surprise! We caught GI Joe, which was basically a testosterone-filled guilty pleasure. Suffice to say the bf thoroughly enjoyed it.

The bummer, however, was when we found out he’d dropped his wallet. Ran back to check, the staff were of ZERO help and honestly it pissed me off even further. I said we lost a wallet, we had to go back and check and one of the staff was like “Um, I can go check for you?” and kept hesitating. We were barely gone 5 minutes, TIME IS OBVIOUSLY OF THE ESSENCE RIGHT YOU SPASTIC CHILD?

I was like, “Can I just go up and see?? Another movie hasn’t started right? OR YOU CAN JUST COME WITH ME (like fucking duh!) ??”. She proceeded to hesitate before nodding .. hesitantly. My brain shrunk at the point. Beyond pissed off. A customer is in a state of panic and you just flaunt your incompetency to make the situation worse. Go you. So we ran up and BOOM gone. Honestly beyond pissed. I hope whomever picked it up gets severe gangrene in all extremities. Just return la nabei not as if the cash is important, just want the cards la zzz. Such a hassle to get new IC / Driver’s License / ATM Cards etc.

Oh and he just bought the wallet about 3 weeks back. Nice. I spent the rest of Good Friday (shit I JUST realized the wallet was stolen on GOOD FRIDAY. WLAO THAT FUCKER SRSLY?!?!) trying to cheer my sulking boyfriend up. FML.

On Saturday my friends and I went to Strictly Pancakes for (once more) mediocre food. I was looking forward to their (much better than average) Garlic Prawn Pancakes but for some reason they weren’t selling it at the point of time so .. eggs benedict it was.

Tried Lotus Seeds for the first time ever. The tips kinda remind me of beaks, somehow. Interesting taste though.

Jamie’s Family Gathering. So many relatives in one tiny space @_@.

Oh and one of my favourite things to eat EVER. Indonesian curry rice thingy (LOL SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S CALLED), at 313 Basement. It’s pricey ( this plate cost me about $9.50), but oh so good. Seriously. It’s awesome. The portions are usually pretty generous too! You HAVE to try this if you’re in the area. Go for the Grilled chicken, say yes to curry over your rice, and add cabbage. Good stuff.

Hmkay so that about sums up my weekend. Hope you guys had a good one (: !

Where’s inspiration when you need it? I really need to get my head out of my ass. On a side note, it has come to my attention that you’re going to be at the wedding. I will finally see your face again after all this time. Has it already been 3 years? How did almost a thousand days pass since we became less than friends? I’m not even sure how I feel about you being there. Most of all, I don’t know how I will react when I see you. Should I acknowledge your presence? Not like you deserve even that, honestly. But hey, better man better man better man, right? Okay I need to fucking sleep and hope to God that this cough dies a natural death in my sleep tonight. The cough, not me hor thanks. Hmkay BRB

Some awesome music for you? I love the whole video except for the last part though T_T. Hmkay see you all at the Restore Flea tomorrow, F1 Pit Building from noon til 7pm yeah :D ? Wanted to put up sneaks but I didn’t have time @_@ ! Don’t be afraid to say Hi tomorrow!! Can I just say that I have a super super super black face by default but it’s just because I’m not smiling, I swear! I’m actually really nice T_T! Hmkay see y’all tomorrowwwwwwwwwww ;D

Right now I have no room, and I mean that literally. There is no room for me in this house. I gave my room to my grandmother when she moved in and subsequently moved into my brother’s room after he went into the army. Turns out he gets to stay out every day after BMT. He recently fractured his foot and therefore has to stay in said room most of the time. I’ve thus taken to living in the, well, living room. I’m a messy person first and foremost and every fucking time my parents want to eat dinner I have to stop my work (URGH) and move my mess somewhere else. I try to stay in my sister’s room to do work but I have to vacate by the time she comes back cause’ she’s usually cranky after work (and therefore a ticking time bomb) so you’ll want to get out of her way by then.

My things are all over the place. Some clothes here, some clothes there, some clothes missing. Packing supplies are outside in a mess, I need to get a cupboard but I feel so agitated that I have to spend further cash on something so fucking necessary that there’s no way out of it. My parents said that I could pay to have a partition wall put up, and therefore have another fucking room on the condition that I stay home more often. Which obviously agitated even me even further because ultimatums are just so fucking childish and completely unnecessary, which is the total opposite of this stupid fucking cupboard . I’d stay home more if I there was actual room for me and if there was more “home” in this house but sometimes I really do feel like we’re living with strangers.

Anyway, bottom line is I have to buy a fucking cupboard and it’s making me damn irritated tsk. I’m trying so hard to save money (I really am! Been spending a lot less than usual zz) and yet stupid shit like this keeps happening. Laptop breaks down, $XXX flies away. Fucking logic board is going to die so I probably have to get a new laptop : $3XXX. And now a fucking cupboard are you shitting me zzzz.

Okay I know you think I’ve been complaining a lot lately but :


Sian. Okay enough complaining. Time to get out of my sister’s room before she comes back and stabs me, ttyl!

Oh and just a head’s up, couldn’t get my stocks in time so i’m selling my clothes and stuff instead.


All these and more so do drop by and support if you can <3 !

HAI GUYS! It’s 1.29am and the time at which I’m usually doing my work. Except now .. I have no macbook to do my work with T_T. I’m using my boyfriend’s HP laptop and fuck I hate it so much LOL. The ctrl , alt buttons are placed differently and each time i try to copy (ctrl+v), I keep hearing the annoying DING DING DING warning sound cause I’m obviously pressing the wrong keys. TSK.

On a completely and utterly unrelated side note, I’m attending the upcoming flea this Saturday (16th March), Restore 2 at the F21 Pit Building!

I’m trying to get my Nakedglory stocks in time, but if I can’t get them by the 16th, I’ll be clearing all my CLOTHES this time! Yep, you read that right. All my freakin nonsense in the cupboard, from Topshop to F21; ASOS to Urbanoutfitters, shoes to bags to accessories blah blah blah EVERYTHING. At flea prices! Makes me kinda sad just to think about it T_T. Cause usually the stuff I buy ranges from $5.80 USD all the way to $80+ SGD (think ASOS/UO), so I’m losing quite a bit of money but I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!! My room is so freaking messy and crammed full of clothes it looks like the aftermath of 5 closets exploding all at once lol. Gonna try to clear everyting so please do come down and support okay <3 ! Will let y'all know again if my Nakedglory stocks come in, else expect clothes mountain from yours truly lol. Also, bringing down Foundry and Co stocks at discounted rates as well, so do stay tuned :D !

Hmkay I’m fucking bored I have nothing to do at this hour and I can’t access iBanking to verify payment -_-. Guess I’ll try to catch some shut eye. Let me know what you guys want me to bring down to the flea and what price range you’re expecting! Probably nothing more than $30 for the pricier things, else most things will be $5-20 la I think. Lotsa BNWT stuff k, don’t say I didn’t give warning ;P ! TTYS!

This ridiculous freakin’ fruit is a HUGE pain in the ass to prepare. The skin is so hard, you can’t even flay it with a peeler. You have to use a KNIFE to remove the skin. After spending approximately 20 minutes removing the top/bottom/skin, you still have to gauge out the TWO large cavities full of fibre and seeds. Ridiculously time consuming and troublesome.

I cut them into cubes, tossed said cubes with olive oil/salt/pepper and roasted them. Damn tasty! Buttery and sweet with just a hint of saltiness. Made risotto with salty bacon, gently stirred about 4 cups of roasted squash in. Beyond delicious, really :D ! Still can’t decide if it’s worth the trouble, though :/ !

You might have seen these on my instagram yesterday! Some girls guessed it right, they’re PRINTED WATCH FACES! So fucking excited for these I CAN’T EVEN AOSIDAOISJDAOISJDAOSJD!!!! They’re pretty time-consuming to make so I’ll probably only release a few pieces of each design to maintain exclusivity.

I’ve already set one of them, so right now it’s in the testing phase where I have to let it sit for about 24-48 hours to make sure the watch face is suitably thin. A thin watch face ensures that the watch hands have enough space to be placed comfortably without touching; if they stick to each other, the timing will definitely be off. So fingers crossed! 12 hours have passed and the time is still accurate, really really hope that this will be the case 36 hours from now (: !

Might take a pic of it later on, stay tuned ;) !

HD the shit out of this when you play it because P!nk is fucking flawless.

It’s very literally 1.11am right now, and I am boiling mad with rage. I fucking hate it when you’re such a reckless fool. An hour ago we were shouting and screaming at each other in the vehicle and for the first fucking time I actually felt the urge to bitch slap some fucking logic into your thick skull. I’ve never contemplated violence against you but today, you crossed the fucking line. What you did was beyond fucking reckless and stupid. Why can’t you just fucking put some thought into the consequences of your actions? 26 fucking years old and yet still a fucking child.

I’m so fucking angry that I am actually getting a fucking headache from being so fucking incensed. Which one of us is the fool here? You, for having a thought process equivalent to that of a large rock? Or me for sticking with a man-child? Seriously. Wake the fuck up or I’m going to walk right out that fucking door.


Lyds and I have been working our asses off to get Foundry & Co up and running. Been ultra productive these few days but that just means my brain is kinda swollen. It’s gonna be a crazy for the next few days, will update soon! Launching on the 1st of Feb so stay tuned y’all ! Thanks for all the support, already 43 likes at last count! Thank you guys so much T_T !