Can I just have myself one fucking day where I don’t have to wake up to stupidity and irrational idiots? JUST. ONE. FUCKING. DAY. For heaven’s sake TSK. Stupid people leaving stupid comments and asking me stupid questions and being so tactless and shitty. Eat a dick la. No, scratch that. EAT AN ENTIRE BAG OF DICKS.

One of my favorite movies of all time. The last 18 seconds of this clip makes my heart feel heavy, I have no idea why. It’s a mix between happiness and longing. I don’t know la why am I so grossly sappy recently tsk.

The whole of last week, I was down with the flu, fever and a slight cough. Getting sick is one of the worst things that can happen to a workaholic. I needed to rest but I could not come to terms with this. I just kept thinking, “FUCK I REALLY NEED TO KEEP GOING! THERE IS TOO TOO MUCH WORK TO DO” but my head was just pounding like a bongo drum and my body was just aching everywhere. I literally sat on the porcelain throne (a.k.a toilet) and cried tears of utter exhaustion.

Actual train of thought at that point of time:

a. I’m so fucking tired
b. but there is so much work to do!
c. I’m so fucking tired
d. why the fuck must I be sick
e. fucking a lot of work
f. fucking fuck shit fuck
g. boohoo weh weh (LOL not shitting you)
i. so fucking tired

I’m clearly not a boo-hoo-weh-weh person, but I was just seriously beat down by this. Being sick makes me weepy or something. Freaked the shit out of my boyfriend LOL.

Boyfriend: Why are you crying?? Stomach pain???
Me: Nooooo. *sob sob sob*”
Boyfriend: Then why you cry??
Me: I’m so tireddddd *continues sobbing*
Boyfriend: WTF?!?!

How to be irrational 101. He put me to sleep and said he’d wake me up after a 10 minute nap which turned out to be 4 hours long instead. When I woke up I was soooo pissed off.

Boyfriend: Do you feel better?
Me: ……… Yes.” *continues pouting irrationally*
Boyfriend: Then don’t complain.
Me: Nabei ):<

Wtf LPPL (stands for Lum Pa Pa Lan, btw, non-hokkien speaking friends) lor. So just grumbled under my breath LOL. But I did feel better la, I shall (very begrudgingly) admit this, at least. Finally dragged my stubborn ass to the doctor, got prescribed a shit ton of meds and TADAH I am currently operating at 92% functionality! Go me!

On a side note, I received an email from a fan (quite uncomfortable with this term, but she called herself that) who wished me well and that made me tear like crazy too. Clearly, I am starting menopause at 25.

I ran multiple fleas this past weekend. Scape (Sat) + Triple One (Sat & Sun) and by 6pm on Sunday, both Lydia and I were fucking shitfaced. I was 95% healed (yes, healed. I am a gamer at heart, deal with it) by Sunday but by the same evening, a fever had returned. Fucking. Sian. But hey, super huat this weekend though. Worth it! Why am I so money-faced lol.

Also, I’ve been working so damn hard, I feel like treating myself to another Kate Spade Saturday bag. I’m trying to decide on one of the following but I’m quite inclined to get both. If a leopard can’t change its spots, a shoppaholic can’t change her spending habits. But at least can change bag HAHAHAHA *dead*.

[block_grid type=”two-up”] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Mini-A-Satchel.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Mini-A-Satchel-3.jpeg”][/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Mini-A-Satchel-4.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Mini-A-Satchel-6.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [/block_grid]

Kate Spade Saturday Mini A Satchel in Black

[block_grid type=”two-up”] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Small-Crossbody-Bucket-Bag.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Small-Crossbody-Bucket-Bag-2.jpeg”][/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Small-Crossbody-Bucket-Bag-3.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] [image src=”http://yokoyeap.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Saturday-Small-Crossbody-Bucket-Bag-5.jpeg”] [/block_grid_item] [/block_grid]

Kate Spade Saturday Crossbody Bucket Bag in Black

Which one should I get?? I’m damn partial to bucket bags but the A Satchel has such a cute shape! Maybe I’ll just get both LOL. In my defense, I’ve used my current Kate Spade Saturday bag til it’s battered beyond belief. Super out of shape now, so I guess you could say it’s been well used (understatement of the week)? I spent $150 on it, but I’ve definitely used it for more than 150 days so I guess that makes it like $1/day of use HAHAHA quite worth it right?? It’s time for replacement! At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself when I walk into the Kate Spade Saturday boutique LOL. Irrational til the very end, clearly.

Okay gonnna go back to more freelance work, talk to you guys soon !

14563717764_7d2593fb9d_b14562006241_538fce3d36_b 14585479333_cc5f6186fd_b

Shot watches on a new background today. Quite liked how they turned out. The launch today sold out insanely fast, I can’t even?! So little pieces are left, miso happy T_T. On a good note, I found 2 new potential suppliers to add to my list today and that makes me even happier. Work feels like it never stops anymore. It’s always on the back (or should I say forefront) of my mind. Right now my room is a hugeass mess of stocks and more stocks. It’s about time I move into a small office space and I’ve been discussing this with Lydia for awhile now. Fingers crossed that this will happen soon enough. If you have any good locations / spaces to recommend, please feel free to drop me a comment <3 ! Emails now come in fast and furious, it's quite hard for me to play catchup especially over the weekends when I'm busy at the flea. Suddenly it's Monday and BOOMZ 100000 emails back in my inbox ROARRRR *pulls hair out*. I've been hiring people here and there to reply my mails, but I think i'll probably need someone full time soonish. Stay close if you're looking for a flexible job okay HAHA! On a random note, my throat is feeling raspy which usually inevitably leads to a fever over the next few days. Gonna spam water and meds; hopefully it can stave off an upcoming bout' of misery. Lately I've been having random bouts of this sinking feeling. I don't think I'm depressed, it's just that sometimes I feel so much pressure to do better; be better somehow? I'm doing my best(ish) but i have so many things to support and I'm really feeling the weight. So. Damn. Tired. I just can't explain it. Need to snap out of this funk zzzzz. Okay I'm gonna go get more freelance work done, ttys!

Don’t fuck with my system, man.

Whenever I make my way to flea events, I’ll have to call a cab cause’ I have 3 large-ish items to bring around – a foldable trolley, a giant display stand and a giant bag of stock.

They stack like legos; giant baggy on top of stand on top of trolley and I’m ready to go. When a cab comes, I put the bag in the backseat, the stand in the front seat (doesn’t fit in the boot) and bring the folded trolley into the backseat with me after. I’m in the cab in less than a minute flat. It’s a simple, efficient system.


I was opening the back seat to put the bag in, when he came out of the cab and insisted that I put the stand in the boot. Told him it would not fit and that I’d tried many times before. He fucking told me it was IMPOSSIBLE that it couldn’t fit. So I shut my mouth and let him try since he KEPT insisting. Turns out he was impossibly KAYFUCKINGKIANG instead and that it couldn’t fit like I originally fucking said. Fuck off, understand? I asked him to please put it in the front seat. But nooooooo he placed it in the back seat, and tried to get me to put everything else in the boot. NO BITCH, NO. The trolley has no fucking stopper and will roll all over the place which is why I need to get it first, hence it’s always with me in the backseat. I alight, unfold, stack and I’m OUT OF THERE. Stupid fucker just lifted the bag and I tried to tell him not to lift by the straps cause there’s a big hole at the bottom and it would fucking tear, but apparently he’s either deaf or dumb or possibly both and I fucking heard the seam split. DIS BITCH.

I took it from him and shoved it in the backseat before the whole fucking bottom could give out. He then further insisted that I should put the trolley at the back because “I wouldn’t have space to sit.”. WHOSE FUCKING FAULT WOULD THAT BE?? FUCKING told you to put that bitch thing in the front but nooooo I IS MAN I NO LISTEN TO YOUNG GIRL. Well FUCK you la I’m gonna take like 5 fucking mins to alight or something wasting my time leh nabei fuckbrain tsk damn angst. I know it’s like not a lot of time but I really hate it when fuckers like these
are so fucking kaykiang ROAR. Gonna be so fucking mafan later when I alight lor fuck! Die, bitch >:(((( !!!!!!!!

[gap size=”-50px”]
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I don’t know why but sometimes I feel so unaccomplished. I know I’ve come so far and yet I feel like … I could be doing more. That there’s more I should be doing that can push me even further; is there such a thing as being too ambitious? I just can’t seem to shake this feeling.

I’m flying off for a break – a proper one – this Sunday. Really need some time away to rethink things, I need to get my priorities straight. It’s also the first time I’m traveling with my boyfriend so I have to admit I’m a little worried. We’ve been together for years, but we never really had the chance to travel. Each trip would get cancelled even with months of prior planning simply because he had work to do. Cue sian face. But hey YAY Phuket! Hopefully nothing crops up between now and the departure date.

Today, I’m also putting down a large sum of money for rebranding. Yes, I know what y’all are thinking. I’m a graphic designer so WHY IN THE SAM HELL am I paying other people to do it?! I feel like I’m just .. too close to my brand, you know? The graphic work I’ve been doing for Nakedglory is just so ~meh~ because .. I guess I’m lazy. And I know it’ll still fly so maybe I never really put in as much effort into Nakedglory graphics as I should. Ironically, when I ask someone else to do it, I expect ridiculously high standards. Nothing seems good enough LOL. I’ve finally found someone whose work I absolutely love, and am hence paying an arm and a leg and 3 babies for work that (fingers crossed) will be stunning. Honestly it’s not that much, in fact it’s pretty cheap in terms of freelance (companies will usually charge $12k and up for branding) so it’s already a fraction of the price, but it still feels like a big amount to me.

Money is such a tricky subject. Can’t live without it, yet you can’t let it run your life. I’m currently paying all the bills in the household + my own insurance + student loans + partially supporting my bf, so it’s … been tough to say the least. But I’m surviving still. Maybe that’s what drives me to keep pushing forward, I want to reach a place where I don’t constantly have money worries on my mind. Here’s hoping that by the end of this year, Nakedglory will explode and take over the internet. Soon, friends.

Okay enough random thoughts, I finally picked up my camera after such a long time, it actually .. feels nice. Loving these vintage yumyums, THAT VEST THO! The print on it is just simply sick. Watch out for more lovely things coming your way! Hmkay gtg prep for tonight’s launch, ttys!

[block_grid type=”two-up”][block_grid_item]13906440860_fac44a527a_o[/block_grid_item] [block_grid_item] 13891259580_480433ab79_o [/block_grid_item] [/block_grid]

Disneyland & USS, then to the Santa Monica Pier. Had a major major major major blast, but plans were cut short when my best friend suffered an unexpected and tragic loss, and had to fly back. What kind of shitty friend would I be if I didn’t come back with her? I hate to see her hurting; one of the worst feelings is seeing a loved one in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

Time once again for an abrupt ending; going to help support her in whatever small way that I can. Ttys

Picture stolen from Drea’s blog, taken by talented Amanda a.k.a beautifuladieu. Both blogs lovingly designed by yours truly, by the way :D!

Side note: how chio is this watch?? Vintage + spectacular please lol. Okay sorry I know I’m forever talking about watches I should just shut my mouth. Timetickers aside, I’m counting, counting, counting down the minutes! My flight is at 6am on Wednesday (WTF KIND OF TIMING) so I’ve been advised not to sleep on Tuesday night. Okay la good; that gives me more time to pack, which I (typically & obviously) have not started at all. Go me! I’m torn between packing parcels or packing my luggage right fucking now lol. I’ll probably go with parcels though, workaholic that I am.

Today I met several buyers, 80% of them were late. Just within these past 2 fucking weeks alone I think I’ve managed to lose at least an hour of my life just waiting for people. COME ON, LADIES! I could be home packings parcels, replying emails but NoooOoOoOoOooOoOo I have to stand there like a fool waiting for buyers who say they’re gonna be there at X time but would really only reach 10-15 minutes later. Worse still, were those who kept saying “I’m reaching very soon!” but would only arrive half an hour later. Like how the fuck??? DO YOU EVEN ENGLISH, BITCH??? Don’t you fucking know what ‘reaching soon’ means?! GOD DAMNIT!

Okay I need to calm my tits before I go on another virtual rampage tsk. Time to stop complaining now, gotta get my shit together. Ttyl!

P.S – In direct contrast to my digital rampage, here’s a gorgeously mellow and oddly calming song I’ve been listening to on replay:


P.P.S – I’ve updated my about page: see it here!

P.P.P.S – How do you guys like the new site :D

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I’m leaving in 3 days, and I’m having a really hard time trying to slow down all Nakedglory related stuff. It kinda feels like a (temporary) mercy kill LOL, like i’m smothering a loved one with a pillow or something. Up til’ now I’m still placing orders, still shipping stock back to me so that once I’m back I can kickstart and explode back online.

Miso tired, guys T_T. Can’t wait for a break. Yesterday I slept at 4am, woke up at 8am, started packing for the flea, concluded the flea at 7pm, got home at 8pm, knocked the fuck out at 9 and woke up again at 4am. What the fuck kind of bodyclock??? My eyebags are about to reach my chin, man!

So looking forward to this break, yet so fucking apprehensive to put Nakedglory on pause. FUCKING EXCITED THOUGH SERIOUSLY GUYS I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve to start packing, change money, activate overseas transactions on my card and get some fucking sleep before I collapse. It’s my first ever long-haul flight, I think it’s a 24 fucking hours long, my ass is totally going to be numb. Also, I’m flying on Malaysian Airlines so fingers crossed please ;P .

Okay gotta go prepping for the very last flea before the break, see you if I see you!