Revamped the site so hopefully it’s much easier to navigate now. Also included a new ‘Events’ tab so you can check up on where and when we’ll be having our fleas :D

Speaking of which, we’ll be at two locations this weekend!

Saturday, 20th July 13′

  • Scape Bazaar (outside Gong Cha) – 12pm til 8pm
  • Public Garden at National Museum of Singapore – 1pm til 7pm

Sunday, 21st July 13′

  • Public Garden at National Museum of Singapore – 1pm til 7pm

Sneaks will be up tomorrow by today/tomorrow, so stay close! 7 new petites will be up for sale, two of which .. change freakin’ COLOUR when worn. One of them is a shade of rust when cold, but turns green when worn. Heat it up with your palms some more and it turns aquamarine then finally a deep lovely blue. DAMN. CHIO. I CAN’T EVEN AOSIJDAOIDJ!! 5 pieces each only. Second one turns a super bright lovely royal blue/purple when worn, then a super dark blue when heated further. Stay tuned ;) !

New poster for blogshopping! Remember to join and vote for all the newfaces here on the upcoming Blogshopping model hunt :D !

Also, just completed a new webstore layout for Picking Daisies (: !

Click on the pics to enlarge :D ! Real proud of this layout, it’s just so clean and neat *wipes tear*

Had a lovely time talking to the owner, Carmen, on skype! Really bitched and bitched and talked nonsense like mad HAHAHAH it was crazy! We talked from midnight to 6am leh HAHAHAHAHAH THIS SHIT BE CRAY CRAY ! Anyway do support okay, her new collection will be launched soon!

They have yet to launch but they already have 153 likes! Quite promising right? Plus now they have a very very chio site *AHEM* so do give me some face and like their fb page okay hehe ;P !

Also, am launching Nakedglory collection #10 tmr and I have quite exciting news! I have these new designs that are really fucking fucking fucking chio UNFORTUNATELY my supplier made me promise not to sell them online ):< !! I'll be having a booth at the upcoming Blogshop Festival flea on the 1st of December so I'll be selling them there, will be publishing a sneak preview sooner to that date. It's really beyond chio, do stay tuned for those AND tomorrow's collection heh heh ^^ !

SIAO LIAO LA 3am and i’m still awake fuckkkkkkk sleeping cycle is beyond fucked -_- . Maybe I can stay awake til 5.30am and make it to brekkie with my bf! LOL I always say that but it never happens. I just go straight into a coma for 8 hours pfffttttt -_-.

Anyway, just updated Shanice’s blog layout, do take a look at it :

(Click on the pic to be redirected btw)

Wah lao this girl is too chio la cannot maintain LOL !

Also just finished another blog layout for (yet another) chiobu blogger, Melissa Celestine Koh, wah it’s also very chio (if i do say myself *AHEM*) probably launching that either tomorrow or Thursday, PSYCHED!! Put quite a lot of effort into her graphics okay basket !!

Oh and here’s a handful of other sites I’ve done (relatively) recently!





Wah okay 4am already??!? SIAO LIAO LA OKAY NEED TO KO NOW TTYL