Some recent work for Lightning Cherry. They’re still deciding on the final one, but I’m biased towards the last few. The brand name sounds jovial and fun, but they wanted something a little classier so I went with thinner fonts and a soft coral pink.

On a side note, I’m experimenting with more stuff to sell on Nakedglory. So so so sick of people copying my business model. Someone actually fucking started commenting on photos that people tagged us in, trying to get exposure for their new watch shop THAT SELLS VINTAGE WATCHES. Stop being so gross la, you aunties. Have some business ethics. Stop following my followers to gain exposure, that’s just grossly unethical. GO AWAY.

So yeah, bringing in more uncommon goods, but I’m gonna go in the UrbanOufitters direction. Not sure what I mean? You’ll see soon enough :D ! Okay need to stop complaining about shitty businesspeople and their nonexistent morals. Back to work I go, ttys!

This is why i’m sunburnt beyond all common sense. 6 odd hours in the blazing sun with the very lovely Lynette and Lydia (who lovingly styled each look). It was then followed by a super sudden torrential downpour. It was like drizzle > drizzle > drizzle > THUNDER > LIGHTNING > MONSOON SEASON > FUCKING TSUNAMI in under 5 minutes?!?! We managed to hitch a ride in a buggy yet still got completely soaked through. Freezed our butts off but it was truly plenty of fun ^^

Special thanks to Kith Cafe for letting us make a huge mess of your cafe without a single complaint. Try out their Soya Pork Belly ciabatta dish ($20 i think). Porkbelly with super crispy skin smothered with sauce, topped with two fried eggs and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Yum. Both model and stylist were late (AHEM) so I just basically lazed about on Kith’s comfy sofa seat, drinking in the serenity of the quiet pier. Felt like the perfect lazy Sunday .. on a Monday. Fabulous.

On a side note, THESE LENSES ARE THE BOMB, ARE THEY NOT?! The images are so crisp T_T! Just your basic Nikon 50mm f1.8 lenses, but oh the wonders this little baby does.

Part 2 of the shoot happens in 58 minutes which I’m about to be terribly late for lol OK BRB

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Bought a random plastic cake plate just because. I may or may not be a hoarder.

On a side note, it’s 2.35am in the freakin’ morning and here I am stressing the fuck out about coding. I keep trying and trying and trying but it’s so fucking pointless I could just kick a child right fucking now.

How in the fuck did time pass so fast? Has it really been 16 days since the new year arrived?! Where did all the time go?? I have so very many plans this year and I’m really trying my best not to screw them all up.

This is one of my plans. A potentially (very) bright future lies ahead and I am so excited yet so very very anxious. I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing, me pinning such high hopes on this.

Marianas Trench will accompany me til 5am tonight. I hope you guys are having a good Monday!