Took a short trip to Malaysia with the bf & his family. My first trip “overseas” with all of them in one car. It was about 85% fun and 15% massively harrowing. The driving was .. well safe to say it literally gave me nightmares. I woke up twice that night because I dreamt I’d been in a car crash @_@. On a more positive note, LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEWING GUM!?!? Possible enough to drown in.

RIDICULOUSLY good buns. Randomly came across these while following our noses, bought one to try and ended up buying an entire box. THAT GOOD. Super love!

Sat at the wheel while his parents went to buy stuff to prevent the car from being towed -_-. Also, got this fossil Pineapple charm for super cheap!!!! Gonna introduce charms to Nakedglory for further customization of watches :D !

Had better-than-average seafood at a place that took us 1hr+ to locate and one of the best coconuts I’d ever tasted. As you can see, the bf’s face is almost completely inside the damned coconut HAHAHA #glutton

All in all it was a generally pleasant experience, but the driving was bloody terrifying. NEVER AGAIN.

On a less tense note, this past weekend, we were invited to set up at the Public Garden booth at Citylink Mall. I say booth in the loosest sense of the word, cause once we stepped in we were pretty much blown away. Felt so much like we had a little space in a retail store, it was pretty inspiring. Pretty much the most excited I’d ever been to set up haha!

Drove me a little mad trying to find pieces that fit together for our display, check out those planks I salvaged! A furniture shop was throwing them out and the nice foreign workers let me pick out a few :D ! My only regret is that all my wooden pieces are not of the same colour and were therefore not as cohesive as a whole, but I know i’m just nitpicking.

Table cloth from Ikea, random geometric shaped table stand I got for 50 bucks at a vintage store. They were surprised I wanted it because quite frankly they couldn’t figure out what it was. Neither could I, to be honest! I just thought woo this might look good with a coat of matte white paint HAHAHAHA! See?? Being a hoarder has it’s uses. Sometimes.

Just wanted to say thank you all for the amazing response! We literally had less than 10 pieces of jewelry left for our Foundry & Co collection, and I sold more than 150+ watches in the span of those 2 (super long) days! It was amazing and truly motivational, to feel like one day we really could have our own physical space :’) ! Thank you all once again T_T.

Hmkay it’s 2am now, I need to go grab some shuteye before my brain starts shutting down lol. Have a good week ahead, everyone :D !

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