People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.
– Thomas Szasz

Earrings: some old, some new. Big fan of ear studs, and I take special interest in animal earrings for some reason. I just like em’ ! I have a tiger, bear, bulldog , bee, crab, shark, jaguar, fox and a ram. If you see any cute ones do let me know :D !

Stack of post-its that came in a pack of 5. Really like the bright colours, they are ALL lovely! You know how some packs have some nice colours and some shitty ones so you have no choice to but to buy the entire pack just so you can get the nice ones? This time ALL the pretty colours were in one pack! Happy camper is I. Got these from Urban Write (Tampines 1 basement). $8+ I think, can’t quite recall.

Mabelline Color Show polish (Ladies Night 006). I think it was $5.90 or $6.90, got this from SASA at Tampines 1. It’s freaking fastastic! SUPER SUPER SUPER pigmented, a single coat covered my entire nail, there was no need to do multiple layers to get the exact colour in the bottle. One freakin’ coat, I couldn’t believe it! There’s a buy-3-get-1-free deal going on right now, probably gonna head down and grab a few more. Highly recommend this, the solo nail I painted (didn’t have time to finish the rest HAHAHA) is still chip free even after the shit-tonne of hands-on work I do (packing 70 parcels in 2 days, not to mention cooking and all that jazz). CHIP FREE EVEN UP TIL NOW LEH! Mega impressed!

Hugeass calender, magnetic to boot! Has a memo bar on the side, plus a little cork section where I can pin stuff. $31.95, also from Urban Write. Have been looking for something like this for the longest time, it’s extremely useful! Urban Write has a good variety (half magnetic, half chalk board for example. Really big range so you’ll most probably find one that you that suits you best), do check it out if you’ve been looking for a erasable calender. Even comes with adhesive stickers for you to mount it on your wall!

My awesome Kate Spade Saturday Inside Out Pocket Bag. Love it to bits! My fave part is the iphone and card slot in front. I never have to dig deep through the black hole that is my bag anymore! Right up front with all the important stuff. As you can see, my pocket flap is super skewed, it’s been driving me nuts but I didn’t check before I left the store because I was too excited to leave with it in my possession. TSK WAY TO GO YOKO. Still, a really good-sized and useful everyday bag. $150 from the Ion Branch :D !

And yes yes yes I know 100000 years since I said I’d post the selling post. Soon soon soon, I promise :x ! Hmkay ttyl I have to finish up more freelance :D

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