Counting down the minutes

Counting down the minutes

Picture stolen from Drea’s blog, taken by talented Amanda a.k.a beautifuladieu. Both blogs lovingly designed by yours truly, by the way :D!

Side note: how chio is this watch?? Vintage + spectacular please lol. Okay sorry I know I’m forever talking about watches I should just shut my mouth. Timetickers aside, I’m counting, counting, counting down the minutes! My flight is at 6am on Wednesday (WTF KIND OF TIMING) so I’ve been advised not to sleep on Tuesday night. Okay la good; that gives me more time to pack, which I (typically & obviously) have not started at all. Go me! I’m torn between packing parcels or packing my luggage right fucking now lol. I’ll probably go with parcels though, workaholic that I am.

Today I met several buyers, 80% of them were late. Just within these past 2 fucking weeks alone I think I’ve managed to lose at least an hour of my life just waiting for people. COME ON, LADIES! I could be home packings parcels, replying emails but NoooOoOoOoOooOoOo I have to stand there like a fool waiting for buyers who say they’re gonna be there at X time but would really only reach 10-15 minutes later. Worse still, were those who kept saying “I’m reaching very soon!” but would only arrive half an hour later. Like how the fuck??? DO YOU EVEN ENGLISH, BITCH??? Don’t you fucking know what ‘reaching soon’ means?! GOD DAMNIT!

Okay I need to calm my tits before I go on another virtual rampage tsk. Time to stop complaining now, gotta get my shit together. Ttyl!

P.S – In direct contrast to my digital rampage, here’s a gorgeously mellow and oddly calming song I’ve been listening to on replay:


P.P.S – I’ve updated my about page: see it here!

P.P.P.S – How do you guys like the new site :D

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