Having another flea today from 1-7pm, do drop by to get new designs again!

On a side note, I’m damn fucking tired. Starting to feel a little burnt out juggling so many projects at once. School’s starting on the 1st of Sept, so I’m going to try and stay home for the next few days in hopes of finishing all my side projects.

I’m also supposed to move back into my room when my grandma goes to stay at an uncle’s house. Honestly I really don’t want my grandma to go anywhere else but I really need the room :/ . Doesn’t help that my mom , who offered me the room in the first place, kept saying to me “is it okay if you just take aaron’s room?”. I mean, of course I’ll say okay la but why did you even have to dangle that carrot in front of me in the first place? After I said it’s fine, she said .. “Aiya but you need the room also. We just haven’t told her that we’re shifting her only.”.

THEN WHY EVEN TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS TO ME ZZZZ. Shouldn’t even have fucking told me that in the first place right? Make me feel guilty for you not being able to tell her what you’re supposed to in the first place zz?! My mom and I REALLY don’t get along and this is precisely why. I’m logically to a fault, she’s … not at all. I hate it when things don’t make sense, but she doesn’t seem to get that.

Even right now we’re feuding, she’s not talking to me and vice versa. Quite frankly, I prefer it that way. Less drama.

Aiya okay, enough family drama. On a final note, I’m pretty psyched for school to start :D ! Can’t wait to join a CCA most of all lol.

Okay last random note! I saw a girl on the train yesterday carrying a super chio bag T_T. I kept peeking at it, trying to discern where it was from. Saw the logo on the button and I managed to find it online! Pro or what man seriously HAHAHAHA But she kept catching my staring la; she must have thought I was some mega weirdo HAHAHAHA okay off to flea ttyl !

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