Flea tomorrow!! UPDATED WITH SNEAKS ;) !

Flea tomorrow!! UPDATED WITH SNEAKS ;) !

Sorry for the short notice guys! Bringing new stocks down, see y’all there tomorrow :D !

Here’s a fraction of what we’ll be selling at the flea:

See y’all later! We’re at the Scape Bazaar, between Gongcha & Toastbox ;) ! First 15 buyers get FREE Green Tea Kit Kat :D !!

Please also note that the very considerate placement of the 20 cent coin beside the watches HAHAHA hope that helps in estimating the size (: ! Thanks guys, come find me and bring me food or something I have no one to accompany me today so I’m guessing I’ll have to pee in a cup or a bush or something LOLOLOL k gtg BAI <3 !

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