Floral Footwear

Floral Footwear

Just got these in the mail a few days ago! These are from ASOS and they look sooo cute!! Unforunately, we all must pay a price for cute footwear T_T. These hurt my feettt nooooooooooo but they are so cute so I sacrificed my toes for the sake of vanity. Said toes are obviously not happy.

I tried wearing them with socks, but I guess those were too thick so if felt like they were being suffocated by a small python -_- . Will try these with thinner socks next time. If that doesn’t work then I’ll have to sell these off (boohoowehweh).

On a side note, I never did get round’ to going to Kate Spade Saturday – cue sad face here. No time, ¬†as always. I had a good talk with a good friend, and we came to the conclusion that I should take a break from freelance. The money is good, sure, but I hardly have time to breathe anymore. Monday through Friday I’m always working on freelance, Saturdays & Sundayss are flea days – I hardly even have time to take a shit tsk. What kind of life is it when you have to time your poops (LOL)?? I can survive on Nakedglory alone, but – surely this is obvious – I iz money faced so I’m having a hard time letting go. Will try not to take on more projects, or just complete the ones that I’ve already scheduled, then I guess it’s time to take a break. Maybe a few small projects here and there, but after that, I’m done. At least for a few months. No point in working so hard I can’t enjoy what I’ve worked so hard for, right? #actyigephilosphy

Also, new arrivals that I really, really, really, REALLY love. Am just considering if I should get instocks or open a backorder for this hmm. Also, see this floral top from Dorothy Perkins? Super cute, but I had to order it from the website cause’ the SG stores didn’t have them. My parcel took FOREVER to come and they basically didn’t even bother to read whatever emails I sent them regarding the late parcel, all I got was template replies. THOSE BITCHES! But ALL the tops were chio la so I’m not THAT disgruntled. Super into florals/tropical prints lately, when I last stepped into Bershka & Stradivarius at ION, they just got their new arrivals for the season and EVERYTHING WAS TROPICAL/FLORAL PRINT *__* !?!?! Nearly expired right there and then. At last count I think I have approximately 8 tops and 2 dresses with similar floral-explosion prints. Overkill much? WHY DO I NOT HAVE SELF CONTROL?

On another random side note, I’ve wanted to get my brows done for the LONGEST time but I’ve never even drawn them before so I’m super scared I’ll look, well, shocked/angry/surprised for the rest of my life. Or wayang. I can’t decide which is worse. Gonna try out the Benefit Brow waxing services (they’ll show you how to draw your brows too i think!) so hopefully I won’t noob them to death HAHA. Let you know how it goes .. if I ever find the time to go, that is.

Okay one last side note, my eyebrows damn unkempt now, they’re like the unshaven armpits of my face or something HAHAHAHAHAHAA I shall leave you with that lovely mental image, have a good week ahead y’all HAHAHAHAHA

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