One of my favorite movies of all time. The last 18 seconds of this clip makes my heart feel heavy, I have no idea why. It’s a mix between happiness and longing. I don’t know la why am I so grossly sappy recently tsk.

The whole of last week, I was down with the flu, fever and a slight cough. Getting sick is one of the worst things that can happen to a workaholic. I needed to rest but I could not come to terms with this. I just kept thinking, “FUCK I REALLY NEED TO KEEP GOING! THERE IS TOO TOO MUCH WORK TO DO” but my head was just pounding like a bongo drum and my body was just aching everywhere. I literally sat on the porcelain throne (a.k.a toilet) and cried tears of utter exhaustion.

Actual train of thought at that point of time:

a. I’m so fucking tired
b. but there is so much work to do!
c. I’m so fucking tired
d. why the fuck must I be sick
e. fucking a lot of work
f. fucking fuck shit fuck
g. boohoo weh weh (LOL not shitting you)
i. so fucking tired

I’m clearly not a boo-hoo-weh-weh person, but I was just seriously beat down by this. Being sick makes me weepy or something. Freaked the shit out of my boyfriend LOL.

Boyfriend: Why are you crying?? Stomach pain???
Me: Nooooo. *sob sob sob*”
Boyfriend: Then why you cry??
Me: I’m so tireddddd *continues sobbing*
Boyfriend: WTF?!?!

How to be irrational 101. He put me to sleep and said he’d wake me up after a 10 minute nap which turned out to be 4 hours long instead. When I woke up I was soooo pissed off.

Boyfriend: Do you feel better?
Me: ……… Yes.” *continues pouting irrationally*
Boyfriend: Then don’t complain.
Me: Nabei ):<

Wtf LPPL (stands for Lum Pa Pa Lan, btw, non-hokkien speaking friends) lor. So just grumbled under my breath LOL. But I did feel better la, I shall (very begrudgingly) admit this, at least. Finally dragged my stubborn ass to the doctor, got prescribed a shit ton of meds and TADAH I am currently operating at 92% functionality! Go me!

On a side note, I received an email from a fan (quite uncomfortable with this term, but she called herself that) who wished me well and that made me tear like crazy too. Clearly, I am starting menopause at 25.

I ran multiple fleas this past weekend. Scape (Sat) + Triple One (Sat & Sun) and by 6pm on Sunday, both Lydia and I were fucking shitfaced. I was 95% healed (yes, healed. I am a gamer at heart, deal with it) by Sunday but by the same evening, a fever had returned. Fucking. Sian. But hey, super huat this weekend though. Worth it! Why am I so money-faced lol.

Also, I’ve been working so damn hard, I feel like treating myself to another Kate Spade Saturday bag. I’m trying to decide on one of the following but I’m quite inclined to get both. If a leopard can’t change its spots, a shoppaholic can’t change her spending habits. But at least can change bag HAHAHAHA *dead*.

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Kate Spade Saturday Mini A Satchel in Black

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Kate Spade Saturday Crossbody Bucket Bag in Black

Which one should I get?? I’m damn partial to bucket bags but the A Satchel has such a cute shape! Maybe I’ll just get both LOL. In my defense, I’ve used my current Kate Spade Saturday bag til it’s battered beyond belief. Super out of shape now, so I guess you could say it’s been well used (understatement of the week)? I spent $150 on it, but I’ve definitely used it for more than 150 days so I guess that makes it like $1/day of use HAHAHA quite worth it right?? It’s time for replacement! At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself when I walk into the Kate Spade Saturday boutique LOL. Irrational til the very end, clearly.

Okay gonnna go back to more freelance work, talk to you guys soon !

  • Lyssetta
    Posted at 18:43h, 20 July

    GET THE FIRST BAG!! it looks like such a perfect everyday bag now i’m tempted to get one too *_*

  • ladyboss
    Posted at 21:48h, 20 July

    Get it HAHAHA >:D !! I haven’t had time to go yettt T_T ! I saw a customer carrying this the other day and it was DAMN adorbs *____* !!

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