Gameface on, bitch!

Gameface on, bitch!

I’ve you’ve been reading for a long time, you’d know I’m a big fan of adventure time. Brought in a few pieces to sell, the BMO Tote is approximately A4 size. It’s not made of canvas, more of the recycled type of material. Waterproof (so far, for me lol) but sturdy. The Finn/Jake Tote (each character’s face is printed on one side) is pretty big and it’s damn convenient for carrying my 10000 parcels to the PO. Kept one of each for myself, text me at 96716946 if keen ^_^

On a completely unrelated note, I purchased the ticket’s for my bf’s celebratory ~thingy~. I shall just call it thingy la cause’ as UN-techsavvy as he is, he might still chance upon this so thingy it shall be. Can I just say that when the money flew out of my account my heart froze for a second?! Spending exorbitant amounts really raises my blood pressure LOL. Til this day, I still can’t fantom why anyone would splurge thousands on a bag. All I can think of is WTF?!?!?! $6000 for the bag !??!?! I can purchase 120 packages from F21 for the same amount?!?!! So I guess I won’t be toting around a branded .. um .. tote anytime soon.

ANYWAY, he mentioned he’d like one of two things for his birthday. One’s a shaver and the other’s a Hurom Juicer.


DAFUQ?! Weird ass boyfriend of mine wants a juicer cause he’d like to maintain a healthier lifestyle. *FACEPALM*. He’s been talking about it for months, and frankly I can’t believe I’m considering dropping $600 on a fucking juicer tsk. He’s been reading reviews and forcing me to watch their videos -_-. Okay la it’s pretty awesome la (watch the video here on youtube, no joke lol) can make your own soymilk (wtf) and even POTATO JUICE (not even joking LOL); but wtf he’d better make 6000 cups of juice with this else it wouldn’t be worth my money at ALL.

Still considering. The shaver that he wanted is OOS island wide (DAFUQ), so I’m seriously wondering if I should. have been hardcore googling the shit out of this, found quite a few sellers of it on qoo10 and they’re relatively cheaper (by at LEAST a hundred bucks wtf), so I’ll .. probably be getting this for him.

Just wondering if I should prepare like a shit tonne of fruits when I give this to him? Am I supposed to give him like a fruit basket hamper or someshit? HAHAHA I can’t even?!?! Also, have been searching for those GIANT Milo Dino cups that you see in kopitiams. If anyone can tell me where to get a new one I’d be entirely grateful! Can probably sneak that into his ~fruit hamper~ or something lol. Maybe I’ll just put like 1000 bananas in just to piss him off HAHAHAHA

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