Hold your own; go your own way.

Hold your own; go your own way.

Check out our kick-ass new display :D !!!! Turned out way better than I’d expected; spent a bomb on these and I’m so freakin’ relieved that it came together in the end :’) ! Response at Public Garden was a lot better than I’d anticipated; to the readers that dropped by just to check out the new merchandise – thanks so very much T_T!! Special thanks to the super-nice Vanessa who actually went all the way to Macs to get me a drink cause I was alone at the booth. Fucking grateful, I have the best readers :’) !

Also, this was my first time at a Public Garden flea despite hearing so much about them. There was a fair amount of vendors but all their goods were pretty awesome! Lotsa vintage and I mean LOTS. Handmade dresses and tops and even painstakingly sourced vintage shoes and bags D: ! Plenty of local designers too with their handmade stationary; was pretty tempted to get a few handmade notebooks.

Another good thing about Public Garden Fleas is that they curate and screen vendors before they’re allowed to set up / are invited to set up at the fleas, so you can expect better quality and more uniqueness. Definitely a plus point. Do try to drop by their events, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see so many lovely things all in one place so I’m pretty sure you guys will like it too :D !

Tried out the Dottinghill tattoo from this post! Really good staying power, this is after about 30 hours of hard wear. I say hard because I was moving around and sweating and carrying lotsa shit, and still it stayed on throughout!

Quite impressed! Get them at Minikin shops or online at Dottinghill.com.

Totally random, but I bought this fucking cute faux-grass-covered llama just after having my lunch. HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIT OMG LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FAT BUTT HAHAHAHA !!!!!! Gonna put this on my display at my upcoming booth at Scape to attract girls HAHAHAHA 95% sure that’ll work! Marketing ftw lol.

On a unrelated side note, I’m still editing the pics from the impromptu Foundry&Co Photoshoot, but I gotta say they turned out pretty freakin’ awesome! Stay tuned for more ;)!

Hmkay it’s a rainy Sunday here at Tampines, hoppe y’all are having a good weekend ^_^!

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