Honest post + partial loot post.

Honest post + partial loot post.

ASOS Black Owl Ring – if you remember, I had the jade/pink/cream coloured ones before, but I sold everything save for the pink one.

UO Canvas Chuckas – Adorable, Y/N ?

Deena & Ozzy Cutout Sandals -I was undecided about these. I’ve been looking for nice, comfy sandals since FOREVER but haven’t been able to find just the one and these looked kinda promising – so here’s hoping they’ll turn out chio max IRL!

F21 Tassel Necklace

F21 Eternity Knit Rings ! Ordered these in both colours, but the Silver one went OOS within 2 days ! Wah lao eh (T_T)

Refresh Mint + a topcoat of Sephora for OPI Only Gold For Me ! The topcoat is loaded with both big glitter flecks and tiny gold dust specks and KUA-ZHANG-MAXes my nails man seriously. *inner bimbo cries hysterically*

Today’s lunch. Because my dad was in a foul mood and didn’t want to eat with me, so he dropped me off at work first before going to eat with my sister.

Aiy okay, I’m sorry I haven’t been funny lately, I’ve just got a lot of shit on my mind recently. My dad wants me to go to SIM, which I am okay with, but I think he wants me to continue working here as I study. CONTINUE. WORKING. HERE. LEH. A few months ago , he told me I could leave in July. Then August. Then he said I could leave in September. Then now he says October. But here I am, still rotting in this hell hole. He’s fucking adamant about me getting a degree – which of course is fine with me – but fuck I really can’t keep this up. I can’t keep working here. Every day is a fucking nightmare, every single fucking day I come into close contact with stupidity and smelly boys and the SMELL of smelly boys. I want to get out so bad it’s practically all I think about (when i’m not shopping). Some days I just fantasize about winning the lottery, giving my dad his share so he can fulfill his fantasy of travelling around the world and just run the fuck away. Run like the fucking wind, take my sister with me and never look back again zzzzzz.

The worst part is that I’m just not happy anymore. I’m as optimistic as they come and everyday I’ll just think to myself – It’s okay you have pretty loot ! Look at this chio-max ASOS necklace! Buy it and don’t think about tomorrow! – but fuck pretty loot la. Pretty loot can’t ward off stupidity, pretty loot can’t get me the fuck out of here. Most days I will settle for the short-lived happiness that new loot gives me, but today I can’t. Today I am angsty and cranky and yesterday I swear I almost bitch-slapped the flying fuck out of an 8 year old fucktard who kept hounding me NON-FUCKING STOP. HE JUST KEPT HARASSING ME and I just fucking lost it – told him to get the flying fuck out of fucking lan shop – i fucking shit you not. And yes I am aware that I should not have any children lest I kill him/her/it.

I am so fucking tired zzzzzz. My sister was stuck here for 2 years leh. It’s only been 5 months AND I AM LOSING MY MIND HOW DID SHE DO IT ?! Or maybe that was why she was so fucking cranky all the time lol.

Aiy on a completely unrelated, happier (for you guys, at least) note – my mom threw my fucking wallet into a giant bougainvillea bush. True story. I live on the 4th floor, and I was standing by the curb side waiting for my dad when I realized I’d forgotten my wallet. So i called my mom and was all like ma can you throw me my wallet pls?

When she opened the living room window I was like “MA DON’T THROW IT INTO THE BUSH!!!!!!!”

And she was like OK!!!!!

Then she threw it into the bush.

I’m the red stick figure, in case you couldn’t tell.


WHAT TEH FUCKKKKKK??????????????????????????????????????? The trajectory is like TOTALLY FUCKING OFF WTF MAN HER AIMING IS LIKE PANGSAI OMG *BRAIN EXPLODES*

And this fucking photo is like FUCKING OLD LA CAN? This was before I moved in, and as you can see in the picture, the bush is already quite .. bushy. IT IS A GIANT BUNDLE OF THORNS RIGHT NOW OKAY AND I HAD TO DIG THROUGH IT TO RETRIEVE MY WALLET KNNB !!!!!! After I got it and was sweating insanely my mom arrived with a long stick -.- FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE SERIOUSLY RARRRRRRRRRRR (T_T)

ARGH Okay off to wallow in self pity / indulge in short-lived retail therapy ttys <3

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