I thought I told you

I thought I told you

Bday OOTD : Tribal Printed Halter dress from F21 ( it’s actually Navy blue although it looks black here lol)

Got it off this app called Carousell. My friend is one of the founders of the app, it’s basically a selling platform that’s relatively similar to Instagram. You list your item, add the pictures and voila! Check it out HERE

Sometimes when I feel like shopping, I’ll just search for “f21” or “Forever 21” or “Topshop” in the app; there’s always good stuff to be found for damn cheap! That tribal dress cost me like $10 only leh I’m not even kidding lol! Really good condition too, not to mention it was crazy chio! So go download the app! It’s out on android too if I’m not wrong :D !

Oh and remember in the previous post I mentioned that I was smacked 24 times for my birthday? This is the extent of their violence and YES that is a whole fucking hand print!! Fuckers seriously treat me like I have my very own penis (which I am usually very thankful for save for this violent occasion). And because we were going to USS and I predicted it’d be hot as shit, I wore a freakin’ tube. How smart -_____- ! At one point, Daniel slapped my thigh when we were on the roller fucking coaster k?!?!!? I don’t know if it was cause’ of the adrenaline rush or what but I swear he hulked out because that smack smarted for the whole fucking day >:( ! I think a few blood vessels died or something ROAR! WATCH OUT ON YOUR BIRTHDAYS YOU BITCHES!!!!!! Okay end of rant lol.

ASOS Shirt With Broderie Panel which I really, really love; the details keep the shirt interesting! I paired it with denim shorts, boots and a dark brown crossbody sling bag. Pair with wayfarers and you’re all set for a hipster adventure HAHAHAHA okay la joking only stop judging me! Only downside about this top ? Stepping out of the house in this felt like I was basically cooking from the inside out omg the recent weather has seriously been atrocious. Would be great for a rainy day though (:

Okay that is all, I know I haven’t been posting OOTD cause .. very lazy to do so la whole day so freakin’ hot already still must take picture wah kao just thinking about it makes me die a little inside. Okay it’s 2.24, I’m off to my bf’s place to surprise him cause he’s ending work at 4am today and won’t be home til like 5am. Poor toad of mine. Trying to think of what I can do to make his sleep more comfy cause he’ll have to be up in about 2 hours again ): ! Okay ttyl!

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