Hi friends! It’s 1.52 in the morning and I’m just typing this while sitting in a mostly empty room. I spent the last 48 hours throwing and packing and sorting things. The living room now looks like a complete dump, which is pretty apt seeing how I’ve been, well, dumping all my crap outside in a bid to sort the room out. I’m about 40% done, which is considered quite a feat considering how the I have basically hoarded just about everything known to mankind.

Yesterday alone, I found:

1. Gigantic Earphones
2. A pack of wooden spoons
3. An Ironman mask
4. Assorted plastic weapons (?!?!)
5. A thumbdrive shaped like a mini-cooper
6. Expired chocolates
7. Giant foam finger
8. Inflatable giant donut
9. Lotsa accessories that I thought I’d lost
10. A pack of plastic dinosaur skeleton toys

LOL I MEAN, REALLY?! What the hell have I been doing seriously?! It’s like looking inside the physical manifestation of a brain on drugs LOL. I’m surprised there’s no hidden nest of hamsters or something lol.

Anyhoo, I’ve already thrown away 4 bags of stuff, there’s 2 pounds of clothes sitting outside waiting to be sorted, and I’ve yet to clear half the living room of my stuff.

I have to admin, at a few points during the purge, I felt ridiculously overwhelmed. I stood there just staring for a little while, cause’ my brain simply could not take in everything I was seeing. I had to give myself a mental kick in the butt (of my brain?) to get started on small sections first before I had a mental breakdown lol.

That said, new stuff’s coming your wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! will be re-adding the vintage section back to Nakedglory when I have time for that, anyway.

To do list for tomorrow:

1. Mail out parcels
2. Get on the train by 8.50am
3. Get to class without dying

Hmkay that is all, pics when my camera has been restored and/or my room looks habitable ! Hope y’all are having a good week – just remember that it’s almost over ^_^ !

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