It’s a good day to fall.

It’s a good day to fall.

Another shoot with the lovely Lynnette! We shot at .. the Nex rooftop HAHAHA! More when I’m done with photoshopping. On a side note – school’s a real bitch to travel to. Tampines > SIM is no joke. It’s only the 2nd day of school and I’ve already .. cabbed there twice so as not to be late for lessons @_@. $29/trip leh !? Freakin’ ex omg /wrists.

Really need to work on waking up and planning my route proper. Hmkay I’m trying to clear emails right now, my general goal is to try and clear my inbox by tomorrow morning. Sorry if it’s taking a little long for me to reply your emails, do give me a little leeway!

Hmkay ttyl! The general plan for the next few hours is : Emails > Posting of Parcels > Dinner > Emails > Sleep > Emails > School. Also, freakin selling post is coming soon as well! There’s barely any space to walk in my room la – not acceptable T_T. Hmkay ttyl!

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