It’s been a long week, friends.

It’s been a long week, friends.

My grandmother passed late Monday night. Thank you for all your condolences and well wishes; they mean the world. It’s been a painful week, and when we sent her to be cremated I thought my heart would shatter. This is how I will always remember her – plump and peppery, with a head full of white fluffy hair and twinkly blue eyes. I guess i’m lucky in some sense of the word – I never had anyone I loved taken away from me. We all knew her time was coming, but it still felt like rock bottom when it actually did. I’m not sure how grieving stops or fades with time, I only know that it hurts when it does.

She’s in a better place, without boredom and suffering, but I will miss her all the same.

On a somewhat related note, due to the funeral, I missed many many lessons and I fear that I am falling behind. Quite honestly it feels like a barely slept the entire week. I want to get some shut eye but I have too much work. There’s a flea this entire weekend at Scape and I honestly don’t feel like leaving the house. I want to just shut my eyes, shut the door and sleep forever.

Did I mention it’s been a long week? Hope y’all are having a better one than this. Ttys

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