Just keep breathing.

Just keep breathing.

Finally tried the infamous Mee Hoon Kuay at Beauty World Center. Honestly I feel like it’s a little overrated, but it was still pretty good! $4 for this, worth at least one try though :D !

Mentaiko pasta from a random Japanese Cafe in Nex. Bad service, mediocre food. Not worth mentioning.

This is super backdated, but these are some progress shots from helping my sister set up her boyfee’s surprise party that was themed along the lines of the Blurred Lines Video by Robin Thicke! Had to venture into the massively ulu parts of Singapore to source for these silver balloons. The 20″ ones were WAY too expensive, so I searched high and low for the smaller 6″ ones :D ! Cute, functional and basically the perfect birthday party accessory. Let me know if you think I should open a preorder for these; they’d make an awesome addition to your xmas party decor :D !

Also, the massive amount of accessories we brought to the flea (: ! It sold so well, really grateful for all the support guys :’) ! Next batch of accessories is on it’s way and we’ll be bringing it to the next subsequent flea, so stay close k (: !

On one last note, new arrivals that JUST arrived. HOW CHIO ?! The burgundy one is really :’) ! Will be bringing these to the flea tomorrow, do drop by if y’all can :D !

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