Left Hand Free

Left Hand Free

22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772

It’s a pretty-ish place. Unique decor for sure, but the food is ultimately forgettable. Friendly staff and a nice place to chill at 3pm on a weekday where very few other humans are in sight. A table of taitais nomming over brunch, a pair of bffs and that was about it. Also, no wifi for anyone because a previous customer released the wifi password online. What kind of logic? Change the the wifi password daily or something la? So confused. Don’t make your new customers suffer just because of one fool leh. Also, isn’t that something people often do? If anything I’d think it would increase the chances of customers if they knew wifi was readily available. I’d return for the ambience if (and ONLY if) the wifi becomes available. Did I also mention they have several power outlets? Great for project work, a nice quiet place to chill. Or to read a book on your ipad (which makes no sense to me) while it charges I guess? Do give it a try and let me know what dishes you liked!

Oh and plus points for the adorable little flowers in equally tiny beakers. Too cute.

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