Let’s go.

Let’s go.

I feel like an overcooked noodle. I’ve been expanding horizontally over the past 2 months without really realizing it, so I’m trying to start cutting back once again and if possible, try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Life’s going good as it is, I don’t wanna freakin’ keel over and die all of a sudden @_@. So long story short, I went running with a friend yesterday.

I know it’s a good thing but my body currently feels like it was sat on by 10 elephants. Usually I sprint and can’t maintain stamina for shit, and Edward told me it’s cause my pace is way too fast so I’m burning up too much energy (what?!?) so he MADE me jog really really really really really really really slowly. I was damn irritated like FUCK YOUUUUUUU WHY AM I MOVING SO SLOWLY but I realized that by going slow, I could actually finish a full round instead of sprinting half the round and walking the other. Also, he was 3 hours late to meet me and being the queen of kay kiang that I am, I went to do abs exercise to pass the time. Oh and we went to play badminton at night with Shaun and his gf Jasmine. TAKE NOTE THAT THIS WAS AFTER ZERO EXERCISE FOR MONTHS ON END. So I’m basically spineless today la knn help me I feel like I have to leopard crawl everywhere because breathing hurts omg lol.

Also, healthy lifestyle = healthy eating so I’m having a bowl of Special K cereal. This one’s vanilla flavoured and sprinkled with almonds and is pretty damned tasty! Supposed to go swimming today then running again tomorrow but I’m afraid the moment I slip into the pool I’m going to sink to the bottom and drown cause my muscles are so sore HAHAHAHAH LOUSY MAX.

Okay I’m just going to roll into a corner and die now lol hope y’all are having a good weekend :D

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