Letting go.

Letting go.

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I’m leaving in 3 days, and I’m having a really hard time trying to slow down all Nakedglory related stuff. It kinda feels like a (temporary) mercy kill LOL, like i’m smothering a loved one with a pillow or something. Up til’ now I’m still placing orders, still shipping stock back to me so that once I’m back I can kickstart and explode back online.

Miso tired, guys T_T. Can’t wait for a break. Yesterday I slept at 4am, woke up at 8am, started packing for the flea, concluded the flea at 7pm, got home at 8pm, knocked the fuck out at 9 and woke up again at 4am. What the fuck kind of bodyclock??? My eyebags are about to reach my chin, man!

So looking forward to this break, yet so fucking apprehensive to put Nakedglory on pause. FUCKING EXCITED THOUGH SERIOUSLY GUYS I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve to start packing, change money, activate overseas transactions on my card and get some fucking sleep before I collapse. It’s my first ever long-haul flight, I think it’s a 24 fucking hours long, my ass is totally going to be numb. Also, I’m flying on Malaysian Airlines so fingers crossed please ;P .

Okay gotta go prepping for the very last flea before the break, see you if I see you!

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