Lights will guide you home.

Lights will guide you home.

Finally found a little time for myself and went shopping alone. Honestly I quite like shopping solo; there’s no need to wait around for other people to try on stuff. I especially enjoy it when I know specifically what I’m looking for. Ended up with that button down shirt in black from H&M ($17.90), the faux leather striped tank from Bershka ($59.90), and comfy oxfords from New Look ($63.90). I guess the only problem is when I shop alone a spend a bomb cause’ there’s usually no one to talk me out of buying stuff >_<

Met the boyfriend for lunch today at Din Tai Fung, his favourite. Here’s an example of our highly intellectual conversations:

Me: You still wanna get tattoos?
J : Not sure. You leh?
Me: I guess? But probably somewhere small and not visibl-
J : Put at your armpit lor.

WTF K SRSLY THIS BOY IS ASKING TO GET PUNCHED, IS HE NOT?! Of course, he then proceeded to laugh his stupid butt off. Irritant -_-.

After lunch, asked him to help me take an outfit photo. This is what ensued:

There’s more la but I can’t post those cause’ I’ll be laughed off the internet -_-. I asked him for ONE photo, do you know what he did?! He just kept tapping the shutter button, I ended up with 30+ super unglam shots of me blinking and yelling at him lol this toad tsk.

This is the best I could get out of him la LOL. Tank from Bershka, Boots from ASOS, Structured Bag from New Look, boyfriend from hell lol.

See the photo on the right? I stuck my tongue out, and he thought it’d be funny to place his FACE on my tongue. His sweaty, (i can now testify to this) SALTY face. BRB throwing up / dying.

Hmkay now on to something completely unrelated to heaving. I’m restocking Complex in Silver (both His & Hers) and Casio Illuminator in Pink. I’m also .. bringing in a new colour for the Illuminator :D !!

Complex in Silver (His & Hers)

Casio Illuminator in Blue

Hmkay ending that with a random picture of my face just because lmao. Some sneak peeks for the upcoming launch this weekend will be up tomorrow, featuring FREE iphone wallpapers :D ! Stay tuned ;) !

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