Mixed feelings.

Mixed feelings.

I received a spectacularly rude email from a customer email and I’m 20% ashamed that I lost my temper and thus was kinda snarky in my reply. Said customer DEMANDED that I apologize for something she’d misread in the first place and it was just .. urgh. I know paying customers are the lifeblood of a business, but that doesn’t mean being one entitles you to my firstborn child, you know. Webstore owners are humans too. Why would you talk down to someone that rudely; it felt akin to someone who was scolding a dog – “YOU SHOULD DO THIS! YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT! BAD SHOP OWNER! BAD! YOU SHOULD HAVE APOLOGIZED TO ME !!!!! WHY IZ YOU NOT DO THIS LIKE I WOULD HAVE DONE IT!! HOW DARE YOU!?!? APOLOGIZE NOW!!!!!!” .

I mean, really? Fuck off. In general I am extremely nice to customers, but once you cross the line, it’s my prerogative to not take your shit. I cannot stand it when people are so fucking rude. I really really really do try to reign my temper in, but some people are just..zz. Please just don’t procreate kthxbai.

On an unrelated and less shitty side note, a ton of new arrivals are right beside me at the very moment! They’re all so shiny and just too damned pretty T_T!!!!! Do drop by to grab yours if you haven’t yet done so k (: ! We’re gonna be at the current Public Garden flea at Lowercase, Block D til Sunday, 1pm-7pm daily (: ! Hope to see you guys there, please don’t be snarky to me ): ! LOL joking. Some people should really get no internet access like ever lol.

Here’s a random loot post to cheer myself up:

Might be selling a few things, let me know if you’re keen :D !

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