My demons have a date with me

My demons have a date with me

Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen in Black. Which is not quite black, more of a super deep blue with shiny blue flecks – still pretty though! Formula was pretty smooth, one click was more than enough to cover each individual nail :D !

Check out these amazeballs Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens! I got them off qoo10 at approximately $6 a pop. Pretty sure this is my best buy this month :D

The Nail Art Pens come with a super ugly flower on the cap, but that’s just about their only flaw. You press the tip into a hard surface to dispense the polish, then go crazy on your nails. I learnt not to press the nib too hard into the nail as that will sorta dig a hole in your current polish layer. Lightly dispense a blob and drag said blob instead of scribbling like you would with a normal pen. Very easy to use! I mean, come on man ! Tribal nails in 15 minutes?!? Yes please!

Here’s a shot of an unused nib. Sharp enough to make precise patterns :D !

Tadah! Ninja tribal nails! Quite liked how they turned out; I started with the pinkie which is why it has like wonky polka dots HAHAHAHA Don’t judge me! I was just randomly making spots LOL #noplanning

Here’s the link I got them from! FREAKING SALE NOW OkAY Each one is like $3.99 -_- ?! Get, you won’t regret it!

Delivery is from the US, so it took a little long, I ordered on the 4th of August and JUST received it today. But I gotta say it’s worth the wait :D !

Hmkay I’m about to go out and run, but once I’m back I’ll update with details for the sneak peeks of the upcoming Vintage Collection below :

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