Precious little.

Precious little.

Check out these gorgeous claw earrings! They’re made up of 2 separate parts + a stopper and are basically super chio @_@! Went for dinner with my bf and when I tucked my hair behind my ear, he actually went, “WOAH NICE!”! Which is super rare lol cause’ he rarely notices these things.

Bought extra pairs cause’ I’m kiasu, going for $8 each (I have one pair in gold and 2 pairs in silver so text me at 96716946 if keen :D ) ALL PENDING THANKS GUYS :D !

That said, keep a looking for tonight’s selling post, going up at 9pm just to be safe la haha see y’all back here later :D

On an unrelated note, I went down to SIM yesterday and basically finished up my enrollment. Looks like I’m going to SIM in September! If anyone has any pointers or helpful tips on how to freakin travel from Tampines to SIM (T_T), I’d appreciate it! Else nice places to get food would be nice too HAHAHA sorry but food is totally my priority lol.

Hope y’all are having a good Tuesday! Oh and also, I’ve just discovered the magic that is Orange Yakult from Eskimo. It’s my new favourite – and not to mention, healthy – drink! Trying my best to avoid all the soft drinks that I love so much, so was really glad to find a drink that I can guzzle without diabetes as a result lol. 50% sweetness is perfect, plus they seriously squeeze a freakin’ orange for my drink. How hardworking?!?! Totally awesome please!

I also tried their Milk Tea (just a little, not sure how healthy that can be lol), and it was pretty good too! It had this really creamy feel to it, y’all should try it out :D ! I’m gonna try their Silky Teas soon – basically tea but they add milk to it – hope those will be good too.

ALSO, did I mention that Tampines is basically bubble tea heaven? Each A Cup at Tampines 1, Gong Cha at the MRT Station AND at B1 of Tampines Mall, Sweet Talk at the interchange. And the best part? KOI + Eskimo literally across the road from my house MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay la that’s not the best part. The actual best part would be that I can just call ahead to avoid the queues! I walk up to the register like a boss while the queue is like 10pax long MUAHAHAHAHAHA DAMN SHIOK PLS!

Okay I’m actually getting a little hungry, am probably gonna grill some chicken or have some cereal for lunch. Gonna run later lol hope I won’t die in the process. Weather looks incredibly hazy though; please don’t rain T_T. Okay really going now see ya’ll back here later at 9pm for the selling post :D

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