Public Garden Flea (13th July, 1-7pm)

Public Garden Flea (13th July, 1-7pm)

All these are more will be available at the flea tomorrow :D !!! How freakin FREAKIN’ CHIO are these new T-Bars?! Fucking nice la seriously I’m keeping one of each, just too pretty to pass up on these @_@! I’ve only limited quantities, because the factory I bought them from was closing down so they were just clearing stock. Only 100 pieces left leh damn scared no more @_@ ! Also, Lash is coming back in Petite. I’ve only 7 pieces and they’ll never be in stock again; that’s the problem with vintage stock T_T. Once gone it’s really gone forever T_T.

Do drop by k, we’ll be at City Square Mall and I’ll be bringing some Casios as well! I also recently spent a fucking BOMB on display shelves, hopefully tomorrow my booth will be beyond chio. See y’all tomorrow k!

P.S – Printed watches will only be $32, let me know you’re a reader for more discounts k ^_^ ! I’ll be accepting customizations starting next week, $40 each or $75 for a pair (: !

I’ve so so so much lined up for the coming months so as to keep Nakedglory as awesome and on the ball as possible, tell me what y’all are looking for and I’ll try my best! Have been searching high and low for square/rectangular faced watches, hopefully I’ll get my hands on some soon :D !

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