Public Garden x Singapore Heritage Festival

Public Garden x Singapore Heritage Festival



Plain Vanilla Bakery


Little House of Dreams

When I was Four

Katrina Alana


The Little Dröm Store

Swiss Army Fries

And a smattering of other good stuff. Here’s what you missed if you didn’t drop by the fabulous Public Garden Flea this weekend ! Seriously good stuff, there was a lot of booths I didn’t manage to photograph cause I couldn’t leave my mine too often, but it truly was one of the better fleas I’d been to.

I’ll update this later with snippets of info (if I have any) of the booths (: ! On a side note, went to the clinic and spent $430+, my heart hurts as much as my wallet. Also, I went to get a Cervical Cancer Vaccination shot (Guardisil), cause’ I’m of age and cancer runs pretty rampant in my family. So why not, right? Better safe than sorry, cliche as it may be.

Gaurdisil is a 3-shot process. You’ll get your 2nd shot approximately two months after your first, followed by the third shot 6 months down the road. I’m petrified of needles cause a) I have no balls and b) I have no balls so I was just trying not be a giant pussy when she shot me lol. I just sat there quivering in silence LOL how noob right T_T.

That said, my left arm is ached like a little bitch for a few hours, now it’s just feels quite bruised where she pricked me. The doctor said that out of the thousands that have taken this shot, only about 3 people died due to allergic reactions. Hopefully I won’t swell up like a balloon animal over the next few days. If I do, hide my stash! Joking. Kinda.

Also, it’s my very first visit to a gynae, who happened to be a guy. I don’t quite know how to feel about it. On one hand, your brain knows he’s a doctor but on the other, it’s like shit some guy I don’t even know is going to take a damn good look inside my hooha @_@. It was slightly awkward on my end, but he was pretty professional about it so *shrugs*

ANYHOO(ha #SELFLOL), thanks a bunch to those who dropped by (: ! Really appreciate the support you guys T_T. That said, ever since I spruced up my display, I’ve been getting a lot of offers to set up booths and stores/stalls here and there. I was offered a small space in town and I have to say I’m damn tempted. It’s my chance to say “YES I OWN A STORE!”. It’s a freakin’ dream come true, something I can cross off my bucket list, y/n? But I’m about to start school, so I’m obviously pretty torn. Oh well, just something I’m seriously considering. Do support me if I do go about doing it okay T_T!!!

Hmkay I have to run now (literally). The boyfriend is making me run around cause he “wants” to lose weight. Quotation marks are there simply because he basically inhales whatever food is set down in front of him -_- .

Alright, ttyl, will be replying all emails by tonight!

P.S – LOL okay I realized a combined post about a flea market + gynae visit is kinda fucked up HAHAHAHA okay I’ll move the gynae parts to the next blogpost okay #TROLLOLol

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