Don’t fuck with my system, man.

Whenever I make my way to flea events, I’ll have to call a cab cause’ I have 3 large-ish items to bring around – a foldable trolley, a giant display stand and a giant bag of stock.

They stack like legos; giant baggy on top of stand on top of trolley and I’m ready to go. When a cab comes, I put the bag in the backseat, the stand in the front seat (doesn’t fit in the boot) and bring the folded trolley into the backseat with me after. I’m in the cab in less than a minute flat. It’s a simple, efficient system.


I was opening the back seat to put the bag in, when he came out of the cab and insisted that I put the stand in the boot. Told him it would not fit and that I’d tried many times before. He fucking told me it was IMPOSSIBLE that it couldn’t fit. So I shut my mouth and let him try since he KEPT insisting. Turns out he was impossibly KAYFUCKINGKIANG instead and that it couldn’t fit like I originally fucking said. Fuck off, understand? I asked him to please put it in the front seat. But nooooooo he placed it in the back seat, and tried to get me to put everything else in the boot. NO BITCH, NO. The trolley has no fucking stopper and will roll all over the place which is why I need to get it first, hence it’s always with me in the backseat. I alight, unfold, stack and I’m OUT OF THERE. Stupid fucker just lifted the bag and I tried to tell him not to lift by the straps cause there’s a big hole at the bottom and it would fucking tear, but apparently he’s either deaf or dumb or possibly both and I fucking heard the seam split. DIS BITCH.

I took it from him and shoved it in the backseat before the whole fucking bottom could give out. He then further insisted that I should put the trolley at the back because “I wouldn’t have space to sit.”. WHOSE FUCKING FAULT WOULD THAT BE?? FUCKING told you to put that bitch thing in the front but nooooo I IS MAN I NO LISTEN TO YOUNG GIRL. Well FUCK you la I’m gonna take like 5 fucking mins to alight or something wasting my time leh nabei fuckbrain tsk damn angst. I know it’s like not a lot of time but I really hate it when fuckers like these
are so fucking kaykiang ROAR. Gonna be so fucking mafan later when I alight lor fuck! Die, bitch >:(((( !!!!!!!!

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