Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Chilly flea on Saturday. It rained lightly for a few hours straight so thank you if you dropped by in the chilly weather just to get a watch from me <3 !

Spotted a few people wearing my watches! This is a really old one from over a year ago! Treble in Black in one of the old frames, which I completely LOVE. Striving to find similar ones to bring :D ! Also, there’s a loyalty discount for regulars! Wear your Nakedglory to the flea to get $2 off your new purchase (: !

Shaun and his girlfriend, Jasmine, dropped by to accompany during the flea! As is customary (for me, anyway), I’ll always treat whomever stuck it out with me til the end to a good meal. Last week, I had a kick-ass meal with Edward at Shokudo (their standards have really gone back up; Will blog about it on my next trip there), so this time, I brought them to Itacho at Ion. It was Shaun’s virgin trip to Itacho LOL. Prior to this, he’d heard me rave about Itacho non-stop so suffice to say he was curious.

I really like the wasabi there! It’s not weak and bland at all; I love a good wasabi kick. My wasabi mix is usually equally parts wasabi and sauce, so it turns into a paste / thick dipping sauce of sorts. Maximum kick is how I like it :D !

Octopus Sashimi (not bad!) and this Avocada & Soft Shell Crab roll, which was creamy and filling. Quite liked it!

Stuffed Baked Crab. This is seriously good! It’s basically filled with sticky rice and stuffed with chopped mushrooms, crabmeat and awesomeness. Oh and some sort of creamy sauce that’s just barely there, but brings it all together fabulously. It’s only $6 for one of these, and it’ll fill you up quickly. Must try!

My favourite part about the Itacho menu is their super unique sushis. My absolute favourites are: Squid leg (pictured above), Dorsal Fin (LOVE THIS), Soya Salmon and the Seared Kobayashi Beef (pictured below). You gotta try out the Sea Eel sushi too! It’s a long-ass piece of eel, approx 20cm long, no joke :D ! Sorry I didn’t manage to take more pictures of the sushis, I was starving ;P

Star of the meal: Seared Kobayashi Beef sushi ($4.80 each on sale price). It’s topped with a little garlic and the beef just melts in your mouth. Soft and that marbling @_@ .. completely amazeballs. Try this out if you’re ever there!

Other good stuff: Prawn Tempura ($5 for 3 pieces), Crab Chawanmushi, Unagi Don bowl.

So far, I’ve been to Itacho at Bugis (Meh this branch’s food is not good at all), Ion and Jcube. Last one’s still my favourite. Always consistent with the quality of food :D ! Ion was pretty good too but my brother says the Changi one’s the best. Once I try it out (and let’s face it, I’m a big Itacho fan so I probably will anyway), I’ll let you guys know ^_^.

Wild Ones Geometric Pullover
(paired with an upcoming gem-encrusted necklace)

Hmkay to end this off, I had a short 1.5h long shoot before the flea. The turn out’s looking real good; I’m starting to love last-minute shoots cause’ it really forces you to deal with whatever cards you’re dealt. It was raining and thus that seriously limited the spaces we could shoot at, but we made it work. Thank you once again Lynn for being so patience and awesome to work with ^_^!

Hmkay gonna start working on replying emails soon, thank you all for your patience! I don’t usually reply emails over the weekend but I’m gonna try to do so to cut down on the overlapping ones. Stay tuned for a massive sales post as well, probably going to shoot pics over the next few days I hope :D ! Hmkay ttyl ~

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