Random update.

Random update.

My gum had been hurting like a bitch recently; bad enough to cause me headaches. So I went to the dentist (chirpiest dentist I’ve ever met) and he told me, “Oh just pluck your wisdom tooth now lor.”

Me: NOW??
Dentist: If not now then when?
Me: Fuck.

Scared as shit. He gave me two injections to my gum (almost pissed myself right then), and asked me to walk around for 15 mins to let the anaesthesia take effect. 15 minutess later, he tried to pull again but it still hurt. Cue another 2 injections (FUCK). 15 minutes after that, STILL HURT WHEN HE TUGGED. Took me to get an X-ray. X-rayed the wrong section of my mouth (left instead of right WTF DUDE). Took 2 oral painkillers. Waited another 15 mins. Went in, sat on the chair of doom and he went right in with the pliers. Felt a little pain but fuck it I told him just do it. Act yi ge brave but on the inside, I was basically quivering like a leaf in turbulent winds. He yanked on that motherfucking tooth like it was the last potato on earth. I could hear it grinding around inside my skull. Yank yank twist twist yank and out it popped! Possibly pissed myself a little. My gum was fucking, fucking, fucking sore after that.

Best part? He charged me for the xray he wrongly took. Bitch.

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