Right now I just wish you were here

Right now I just wish you were here

All shots above were taken at the Shooting Ponies Studio using Donna’s Canon DSLR. Trying to manually maneuver the Canon interface almost gave me a legit headache until Donna showed me you could make the settings pop up on the screen and edit them from there. Now I find that the interface is less confusing, and I really LOVE the crisp sound of the shutter when you snap away. I ~might~ try out a Canon soon when I have extra money. The colours are really nice, but colours are editable in photoshop anyway.

My sister’s G12! The pictures it takes are surprisingly clear for a non-DSLR D: ! I have to admit, I was impressed by the quality. Now I can kope her camera and bring it for concerts instead of having to bring my bulky DSLR ^^ ! SCORE!

Meeting 6 buyers today and self-imposing a deadline for 2 projects. Hope I can finish them by tonight then I can at least get to enjoy myself for the weekend. A little, anyway.

On one last side note – holyshittttt this is such a lovely watch!!!! So excited about the next launch! There’s going to be true vintage watches (like the above), restocks of the petite range, a shitload of Vintage Casios (trying to bring in the bigger mens’ sizes) and remember those lovely gold watches from the Project Goldmember collection? I’m bringing in a few with new frames that allow for INTERCHANGABLE STRAPS. Meaning they can be worn with both chain AND leather straps. Excited MAX!! Stay tunedddd <3

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