Robertson KUAY LOL

Robertson KUAY LOL

15 Minutes
Block D, Laselle College of the Arts
1 McNally Street Singapore 187940
Tel: 6333 5915

Finally got to meet Chingy after so long! Ordered the Wasabi Prawn Pizza but they forgot about our order so we cancelled it as it was taking too long, thus no chio photos of pizza T_T. Beef stew was as yummy as the last time I had it! The Chicken Parmigiana that David had was pretty tasty too. Not a fan of the dense breading but the meat was really tender. Love the ambience of the place though. It’s really an awesome place to chill and people-watch!

(Hover over the picture for the coloured version :D !)

Chingy gave us a mini tour and brought us to view some exhibited art work! The cute typography poster above was made by her, btw ;P ! Hover over the image to see the coloured version :D

You use the twigs provided to create words and tag them as #twigtype on instagram! Quite an interesting concept. We made the word ‘贱’ hurhurhur!

(Sorry for the gifs, they’re very big so please give it some time to load! I just thought adding moving images might give you a better idea of what I see through my lens from time to time ^^)

End result / our interpretation heh heh ;P ! Credit for this pic goes to David on instagram (@thelimitdoesnotexist)

Went sourcing after that and managed to get my hands on true vintage watches!!!! Wah super excited to show ya’ll so I just randomly snapped a few pics hehehehe see see see :

If you look closely at this one, you can see that it has a very subtle patterned background. FUCKING CHIO IN REAL LIFE I ALMOST DIED FROM OVEREXPOSURE TO INTENSE AWESOMENESS PLEASE AOISJDAOISDJAOISDj

And this is my favourite, which I am TOTALLY FUCKING KEEPING. Okay la I’m not sure yet, I’m still deciding between this and the patterned one above. They are both so prettyyyy T_T ! Did I also mention that they’re ALL fitted with leather straps? DEAD LOL

Oh and btw, Tiptopstyle is having a little promo now before their site revamp :

Click on the pic to be redirected :D

Okay that is all, more and more and more work to do oh my tiannnnn okay ttylll !

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