Same old brand new you.

Same old brand new you.

Random, but this freakin’ thing has finally reached me. It’s a hole-punching tool specifically for watches; can’t tell you how long I’d been searching for a good one that wouldn’t destroy the straps. Now y’all can drop by the flea and request for your straps to be punched (:

Also, how do you like the new layout? Okay fine it’s not that new, just some minor tweaks cause the previous one was looking way too messy somehow.

As some of you may or may not know, there have been new shops selling watches popping up everywhere. It’s disheartening to see when people blatantly copy your ideas and shit. Sometimes I just wanna be like BITCHES PLEASE HAVE SOME MORALS but I know it’s business after all. Some people just have no shame I guess. One of them actually had the balls to BLOCK me on instagram. I didn’t even follow her?! She just blocked me for no fucking reason. Wtf? Must be feeling guilty la LOL.

Did you know that some people have opened their own preorders .. with my photos? like WTF HOW SHAMELESS CAN Y’ALL GET. At least take your own pics, for fuck’s sake! To add insult to injury, they call it the exact .. same .. name. Seriously guys? Seriously??

Recently, I saw one of them selling this so fuck it I’m not going to sell it. I’m going to fucking give it away. Watch out for the upcoming giveaway, either on instagram or facebook (: ! I really try my hardest to make the Nakedglory’s items all unique; so I can’t tell you how much I hate it when people just fucking .. copy off me like that. Urgh. Just thankful I still have my Nakedglory watches that not a single soul can duplicate, else I’d be eating grass right now zzzzz.

Hmkay I’m done ranting. So anyway – NEW FRAMES AGAIN!! Right one’s the recent round, flat frames whilst the new ones are sleeker and just .. more charming somehow. Love these :D !

Also, finally managed to restock Grid in Gunmetal Grey (Petite) (: ! I’m having a flea today at Scape so drop by if you have the time! I know it’s really last minute but I just got the confirmation yesterday -_- ..

On a final note, Foundry & Co has launched the Summer Casuals collection, consisting of really fun prints (stripes & florals!!) and dotted dresses, shorts and super versatile classic bags :D !

Things I’ll personally be ordering would be these:

1. Drawstring Romper in Floral Blue

2. Striped Button Up Top

3. Summer Dress in Strawberry Prints

Support support support k :D ! Here’s a sneak of what’s available:


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