She came and went.

She came and went.

High Society in Black, White and Gold

Got these awesome leather pouches from becausebecause – they’re soft and supple and the underside of the leather is DAMN nice to touch; almost suede-like! A word of caution though – they’re pretty addictive. I just bought my fourth one at the recent Public Garden flea at Laselle. Seriously T_T.

Pretty cheap for hand sewn leather goods too – $16 for the small pouch, $30ish for the large one. No regrets though!! Damn chioooo! I’ll try to take proper shots of them when my new pouch arrives :D !

Got these panda tattoos with Lydia – LOOK HOW WHITE THIS WOMAN IS. The panda looks so much better on her because she’s so damn white LOLOLOL !

As you know, the flea was held at Lowercase Cafe at Laselle. Tried their Yakiniku Beef, which was filling but kinda overcooked. Still tasty though! It was served with a large container of wasabi and soy sauce.

Their Corn Dog, though, is a totally different story. Usually corndogs are coated in a grossly thick batter – this one was a covered in a really, really thin layer of batter instead. Once fried, it wasn’t soggy at all! The sausage inside was freakin’ juicy too. The combination was damn good. In fact, I refused breakfast cause I wanted to save space for a corndog LOL. Damn nice please! $3.50 for students, $4 for members of the public. Kinda pricy, but the sausage was of a pretty good size, none of that skinny crap lol.

Do try it out if you’re passing by :D !

Hmkay ttyl, I’m in class right now trying not to pass out from boredom heh ):<

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