In complete non-relation to the picture above, I had a massively shitty Friday last week. I woke up early and FINALLY managed to drag my ass to the MRT (instead of once again spending much too much on cabs).

As you probably know, the MRT is a crowded place. One that is EVEN more intolerably so during the peak hours. People tap their cards one after another like clockwork, except for the occasional “jam” in the queue when one asswipe forgot to top up his/her card or if they tap it wrongly. ONE SUCH DUMBASS JUST HAPPENED TO BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He tapped his empty card and the light flashed red – which basically means “TURN AROUND AND GET OUT OF THE QUEUE, DUMBASS”, right?! I was DIRECTLY behind him and was already mid-way to tapping my card. It was too late. BOOMZ. I’d tapped the god damn card. AND THE FUCKER WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE GANTRY!!!!!!

DIS BITCH D:< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck leh seriously! I wanted to yell at him but he fucking basically waddled away at the speed of sound. Asshat. I had to get my card reset and in order to do that, I had to QUEUE up at the passenger service booth. IN PEAK HOUR. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT QUEUE IS AT THE POINT OF TIME?! You GOTTA be shittin' me man ):< !!!!!!!!!!!! Missed like 2 fucking trains, which subsequently made me miss my bus, which subsequently made me late. I really hope that balding bastard gets detained and has his anal cavity searched ):< ! On another shitty note, I dreamt my grandma fell down a flight of stairs and I could reach her in time. Cue massive amount of tears at like 8am in the morning YAY FABULOUS I’M OBVIOUSLY HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE. On a final (and much less negative) note, I’m shifting rooms. Right now it’s basically looks like the aftermath of a fresh natural disaster, but on a happier note, I found many things that I thought I’d lost lol. Please look out for a selling post coming your way, probably some time this week, else the next. Many many many many many many things upcoming, please bear with me cause’ it’s gonna be a pretty big haul lol. Hmkay off to wrap parcels, ttyl!

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