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Shot watches on a new background today. Quite liked how they turned out. The launch today sold out insanely fast, I can’t even?! So little pieces are left, miso happy T_T. On a good note, I found 2 new potential suppliers to add to my list today and that makes me even happier. Work feels like it never stops anymore. It’s always on the back (or should I say forefront) of my mind. Right now my room is a hugeass mess of stocks and more stocks. It’s about time I move into a small office space and I’ve been discussing this with Lydia for awhile now. Fingers crossed that this will happen soon enough. If you have any good locations / spaces to recommend, please feel free to drop me a comment <3 ! Emails now come in fast and furious, it's quite hard for me to play catchup especially over the weekends when I'm busy at the flea. Suddenly it's Monday and BOOMZ 100000 emails back in my inbox ROARRRR *pulls hair out*. I've been hiring people here and there to reply my mails, but I think i'll probably need someone full time soonish. Stay close if you're looking for a flexible job okay HAHA! On a random note, my throat is feeling raspy which usually inevitably leads to a fever over the next few days. Gonna spam water and meds; hopefully it can stave off an upcoming bout' of misery. Lately I've been having random bouts of this sinking feeling. I don't think I'm depressed, it's just that sometimes I feel so much pressure to do better; be better somehow? I'm doing my best(ish) but i have so many things to support and I'm really feeling the weight. So. Damn. Tired. I just can't explain it. Need to snap out of this funk zzzzz. Okay I'm gonna go get more freelance work done, ttys!

  • E
    Posted at 14:07h, 04 July

    If you’re looking for a smallish office space, can try Entrepreneur Office Centre! Some of the locations are quite ulu, but the offices come equipped with the basic necessities already! Phone/Internet/Desk etc.

  • ladyboss
    Posted at 01:11h, 05 July

    I’ve checked them out before though, it’s not currently what we’re looking for – I’m still searching for a large-ish unfurnished office space that won’t be shared by others cause’ I need a a lot of space for stocks lol! Thank you for the recommendation though, I really appreciate it (: !

  • JAE
    Posted at 22:20h, 16 July

    Hello :) I really love the watch with stones in them! Are they still available? Did not see them on the website. Will there we backorders?

  • ladyboss
    Posted at 21:44h, 20 July

    Hi ! Sorry it sold out the moment it went up :x ! We usually release new arrivals every Thursday (:

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