Some relief.

Some relief.

Whatup ladies! The much awaited Key Fob Preorder opens once more and it’s now available in Black as well! Personally am a fan of the black fobs, the leather is thicker and slightly more pliable. Also, my bf is works really hard and gets his hands dirty all the time, so his beige leather fob is basically black now >:( ! It looks like he used it to clean his butt or something wtf it’s SO DIRTY LEH! I’ll take a pic soon for a comparison LOL just to see how gross he is.

Preorder opens on Friday, 8pm so stay close! Super limited slots!

Anyway, he’s away in camp for reservist right now and has been in there since Monday. I’m not complaining; in fact I’m quite happy whenever he gets the notice for reservist duty. Is it bad of me to say that I really appreciate the extra me-time I get? I don’t have to meet him, I get extra time to do my work instead of needing to take care of him LOL. Plus, he gets all the sleep he needs whilst in camp so for that I am truly grateful.

Oh and and and and all you folks who love drama, the wedding’s coming up this Saturday lol. I’m still about 30% apprehensive. Really not sure what’s going to happen but then again, it’s the wedding of one of my dearest friends so I definitely won’t start shit la lol.

OH and did I also mention we’re having a flea again at Scape this Saturday (and the subsequent Saturday) as well? 7 or 8 new petite designs will be available for sale. I don’t have any pictures at the moment cause’ I won’t have the stocks til really really late tomorrow night, but if you guys remember / are long-time readers, there was one watch design that I kept for myself because it was freakin GORGEOUS and I only had just the one piece lol. I managed to find more of those watch faces! SO EXCITED because they’ll be housed in our new Petite frames, which I completely love. They’re so dainty and flattering when worn!!! Excited max omg.

Here’s the watch face I’m talking about:

Check out the magic tiled background T_T! How chio T_T ?!?! Don’t miss out :D !

Restocking this weekend, very limited pieces so drop on by to get them at only $20 :D ! New designs for the large faces will also be available and they’re only going for $25 D: ! Unsold ones will be up for sale on Nakedglory the following Monday (:

On a completely unrelated side note, I freakin’ love my hair now! My poor hair has gone through the trauma of being the mercy of a completely SHITTY “hairstylist”. I had really good hair before I went in to the get my ends trimmed. ALL I WANTED WAS A SLIGHT TRIM, BITCH!!!! ROAR she fucking butchered the shit out of my hair, giving me like 1000000 layers when I already have really thick hair?! If an Ah Lian and a paint brush had a baby and that baby exploded, that would be the exact description of my hair after she massacred it. It was a shitty mess ):< !! It took about 3 FREAKIN’ months to grow out, and at that point I completely stopped camwhoring because a) my hair looked like a cuckoo was trying to breed in it and b) it was basically horrendous. I had to keep on cutting it as it grew out so I could level the layers. Seriously, I still get pissed off whenever I pass the “salon”. I even contemplated defacing the shop front at one point of time – yes i was THAT pissed.

SO ANYWAY, after it grew out, it was no longer soft and manageable. I had to blow dry then straighten the crap out of it to get it in some form of acceptable shape on a daily basis. Right after blow drying it’d look fine and dandy, but two hours in, somehow air would just get trapped in it or maybe a ghost was holding it up throughout the day or some shit because it would PUFF UP like a freakin marshmallow ):< ! Finally took some time out of my schedule to get my hair soft-rebonded. Personally I hate the whole flat ‘rebonded’ look and feel, so after I soft-rebond my hair, I’ll wait about half a day before washing everything out. I find that my hair retains the soft texture without having the super flat look remain and that’s where it’s at right now. LIKE FINALLY. No more puffy bad hair days! I just blow dry and it’ll retain it’s shape beautifully. Okay okay I know super OTT vainpot talk but I’m just so happy I finally took the time to get my hair in order ^_^ ! I did my soft-rebonding at Monsoon (or was it twister??) at Tampines 1. Approx $140 cause it was 40% off. Highly recommend it, it’s been almost a month and I’m pleased to say that my hair hasn’t lost it’s shape/texture at all. Super love! Will definitely be returning.

Hair progression via selling post pics HAHAHA! 3 years ago, my hair was so long, it actually reached my butt crack lol! Then one day, a hairstylist said she would “trim” but chopped off several inches. From then on I just kept going shorter and shorter til I stuck with this bob :D !

Oh and gonna get my lashes done tomorrow, hope it’ll go well this time. The last time I went there, the girl told me to open my eyes slightly .. and proceeded to drop GLUE in my right eye. It stung like crazy; like 30 ant bites in a concentrated area zzz. Seriously I was tearing so badly. While I was trying not to die from the pain, she actually asked me, “are you okay?”. At that point I just wanted to rage the fuck out. Like hello????? YOU DROPPED GLUE IN MY EYE LEH. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?! My sister went with me and remained completely unscathed with super nice eyelashes ):< ! She kept laughing so hard at me cause I couldn’t open my eyes afterwards pfffft. Anyway, fingers crossed!

Also, managed to run 3.2km without stopping 2 days ago :D! Honestly quite surprised cause’ I never used to have any stamina at all. The first time I started exercising about 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t even finish a 700 meter round. So happy :’) ! Bought exercise gear and lotsa other random crap cause Cotton On online was having a sale. I got 4 sports bras for $40! That’s like freakin $10/sports bra leh wtf how cheap!?!?! I bought them about 2 days ago and they arrived today. The sports bras are super comfy and offer a lot of support; plus they look really good! My only complaint would be that they aren’t properly padded. Also bought a shitload of stuff from other websites, will do the loot post within the next few days :D!

Okay this post is super long cause I just felt like talking to someone but it’s 1.16am so that’s abit implausible, so I’ll just virtually talk to you guys here ^^! Hmkay I’m done yammering, more updates tomorrow :D !

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