Speed it up / I can’t move at this pace

Speed it up / I can’t move at this pace

My new Small Flap Wallet from Kate Spade Saturday :D ! I JUST found out about the brand and I gotta say, I’m smitten *_* ! I adore all their bags man seriously too pretty! Check out their site here: saturday.com. A word of caution though, you will most probably not leave the site empty handed. I’m eyeing the Inside Out Pocket Bag, I saw it at only $150 at the Ion branch but they didn’t have black anymore I might be ordering so let me know if anyone is keen, I might be opening a spree :D !

This wallet is the perfect size to me. Small enough to fit in every single one of my bags, plus it has a TON of compartments. There are at least 6 slots where I can shove more cards in, not counting the 8 basic card slots you can see right up front. I also love the fact that the lining is in a different fabric (monochrome stars in my case). Super love. Also, damn soft! Got it for $120 at ION, but I just saw it online for like $75 USD *DEAD* but my colour is sold out so my heart/wallet is not crying THAT badly. Still, a really good buy though! I can see this going the distance :D !

New Titan series! Damn excited to launch, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Must see in IRL, not even kidding! No buckles of any kind, just embraces your wrist like a dear friend. LOL IS MY COPYWRITING GOOD OR WHAT HAHAHA #noshame. Anyway, please ignore the many many shots of my hairy arms, I just need to paste them here so I can download directly into my phone to instagram LOL.

Hmkay Imma continue wrapping parcels now, see you guys tomorrow at the flea :D !

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