Sparkle & Sweat

Sparkle & Sweat

Totally loving these Auster Decadent Gem And Crystal Earrings In Blue! Grab them on the Foundry & Co website, there’s a ton of damn chio bling to zhng any outfit! So tempted to keep one of everything; there’s gonna be an amazeballs statement collection coming soon, make sure you stay tuned for that :D !

New pineapple print top that I’m completely obsessed with and some vintage watches that are going up this Thursday on Nakedglory. It’s been too long since I picked up my camera and shot things. Nakedglory watches don’t count. It’s more like work than passion now, which is something I feel I have kinda lost.

We needed editorial shots for Zalora’s lookbook, so we hiked out to a large field and basically perspired profusely for about an hour or so. What kind of freaky weather have we been experiencing lately?! Downpours one minute and mind-numbingly scorching heat the next, it’s like the clouds are having menopause or something. Pretty pleased with how most of the shots came out, but rather irritated at the realization of how unfit I’ve become. Standing, climbing things, carrying crates around for the shoot; minimal movement I swear but I was sweating like a pig -_- . Not cool. Literally (HAHA CAUSE IT WAS SO DAMN HOT GET IT?). Okay I shall stop punning around before someone punches me. These are a few of my faves from the shoot, edited them in a more film-esque kinda way and I kinda like it. I really should pick up my camera more often.

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