Tell me what you want.

Tell me what you want.

Hi guys, thanks for the great response for the flea (: ! It was really nice to meet some of you face to face (: ! Don’t forget about our launch tomorrow :D! Am going to take 20% the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SITE so stay tuned :D !! 3 days only k so don’t you forget about us ;D ! Here’s some new pretties you could get your hands on:

The last watch is one of the prettiest ones I’ve EVER seen, and that’s saying a lot from someone who see them on a daily basis. It doesn’t look as much in pictures, but once worn; it was OFF THE CHARTS. Unfortunately, it already belongs to someone cause’ She’d ordered the previous hexagon in white but they sent me the wrong color, so she chose this one instead. Lucky she did else I’d have kept it for myself. Beyond gorgeous. If anyone is interested, might be able to open a preorder for this (: !

That said, remember to visit the site tomorrow :D ! Okay i gtg poop HAHAHA BRB

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