The process of progress

The process of progress

Scape Bazaar
Right outside Gong Cha
12pm – 8pm

We’re going to be at Scape tomorrow! Find us right outside Gong Cha for watches at much much cheaper rates (: !

Here’s a sneak peek of a new series that’s coming out tomorrow:

The black T-bar ones will be out next week, so grab the cream-faced ones before they’re sold out :D !

Sushi Tei with my bro-hoes. I love love LOVE this freakin Golden Roll. Deep fried king prawn wrapped in rice and topped with thin slices of luscious mango. Super moreish, I’ve had it 3 days in a row (thank God for Sushi Tei at Tampines 1 T_T)! I can’t stop thinking about!?! Also love the super crisp Ebi Tempura, too bad it’s rather pricey ($10 for 4 pieces). Try the Golden Roll if you can k, totally worth it!

Also, try this Salted Caramel Cream Puff from Starbucks! It’s SUPER good. $5.50 and it’s CHOCKFUL of sinful awesomeness. The salted caramel + the cream inside = Lush perfection. Sinful as hell, but damn near perfect.

New rings :D ! I haven’t bought rings in MONTHS after I realized I just buy them cause’ they’re .. pretty. I rarely wear them as I’ve to remove them each time I’m on the computer, which is basically 24/7. Couldn’t resist these though! $7.90 for 6 rings. Faves are the Chevron shaped ones :D !

Also, some printable packaging that I’ll be giving away the printables to. They’re super adorable, although I did slice my thumb open while cutting them up T_T.

hahavomitha T_T. Bled like fucking crazy! And I know what you’re thinking, wtf bleeding still take pictures you siao ah?! But oh well, can’t waste a chance to guilt my bf into being extra nice to me ^_^ !

Okay I gotta start packing now, see y’all at the flea tomorrow :D

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