There was a time you’d let me know.

There was a time you’d let me know.

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

#01-16, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel : +65 62528780

Built our own burger and it was pretty damned good.

The combo :

Brioche Bun
Beef patty
Caramelized Onions
Swiss Cheese
Tomato slices
Bleu Cheese sauce

Patty was really juice and moreish and really filling to boot! Filled my gigantic rugby-playing friend Edward, so that’s REALLY saying something. Only cost $14 @_@! Bring your bf and let him weep with thanks LOL.

Wasabi Tei Japanese Cuisine

#05-70, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 62388216

Have been hearing rave reviews from my friends about this place but I wasn’t really impressed. I was told I didn’t order the right things, so I’ll be going back to give it another shot. Salmon belly was $15 for this tiny portion, I saw someone order the normal Salmon Sashimi and the portion was approximately twice as much as mine -____- . Cost $60 for a beef set + and a smattering of dishes of average portion sizes. Will review again if I do go back, but for now it’s not bad, but not too good either.

Some images from the iphone:

The day before the bf’s bday. Brought him to Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice ( the one at East Cost Road) and almost wept from how good everything was. Chicken was soft, boneless and the sauce was freakin’ nice!! Plus, check out how generous they were with the chives @_@! The chicken rice was basically good on it’s own, so the combo basically slayed me. Also ordered Fish Maw Soup ($12) which was freakin’ fantastic as well. Tasted like shark fin; same consistency and all. Definitely going back again, try it if you have the chance k! Amounted to only $45+ if I recall correctly (inclusive of chicken + soup + veg + pork dish). Totally worth it T_T!

He keeps freakin’ smoking! Feel like smashing all his cigarettes ):< !! Also, forced him to wear the elmo eyes/ testicle headband for just for fun. We went to USS on Wednesday, and it was MAD crowded. Seriously, it was freakin’ crazy!? I went on a Saturday a few weeks back and it was basically a ghost town. Queues to the rides were like 5 minutes each, and on WEDNESDAY it was like 40 mins per ride DAFUQ ):< ?!?! Only sat each ride once before he wanted to leave tsk how annoying.

Went to watch Stomp after USS, and it was pretty awesome (: ! I wouldn’t say it was worth the $300 ($150/pax for seats really near the front), but it was still pretty good. Starting stoning halfway through cause we were so tired from the entire day at USS @_@. Hmkay no more pics from his bday LOL


Shaun’s bday was 4 days after, and it was during the crazy haze. On Friday, the haze was at a record high, but we’d already booked the chalet and purchased $250 worth of meat @_@, so we couldn’t quite cancel. Managed to upgrade from a Kampung to an actual room at Coasta Sands Sentosa, cause’ a lot of people had cancelled due to the haze. The weather, however, was freakin’ beautiful. No haze, no scent of burning, crystal clear sky. Amazeballs or what?! Heng to the max pls?!?! So we continued our BBQ and ate like crazy. Check out this brazen peacock crashing the BBQ lol!

Waiting for the pics from the DSLR, so will update in awhile. Obviously $250 was way too much food, ending up playing stupid games with food as the forfeit. Almost exploded from too much meat LOL. Also threw the birthday boy in the pool after failing once, he wriggles like a worm on fire wtf.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of what’s launching tonight on Nakedglory:

See y’all there at 8pm :D !

Also, here’s the website I did for Andrea Chong :D !

Super love how everything turned out, check it out on (: ! She’s also giving away 10 H&M vouchers, so be sure to drop by a leave a comment to stand a chance to win :D !

Also launching some lovely goodies on Foundry & Co tonight <3! See you there at 8pm :D !

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