Tired is as tired does.

Tired is as tired does.

Logo I’ve been working on, not sure which one I like better. Needs more work though.

On a completely random note, I am late as FUCK for class. In fact, class started 5 minutes ago across the island LOL. Am calling a cab and about to hightail the fuck outta here, then chiong down to Far East to collect my flea goods (I seriously have the BEST client ever. Can you believe that Blogshopping actually lets me out my crapload of flea display stuff at their shop before they close up??? So freakin’ nice please, which shop owner will actually do that? I can’t even think of ONE. Seriously they’re awesome and a joy to work with.

Some recent work I did for them! They’re having this amazeballs giveaway – ANY purchase entitles you to win an item of your choice! 1 winner per outlet per week, that’s 3 winners a week leh! No minimum spending either. You could buy like 10 items, split them all into single transactions and get 10 freakin’ chances please?! Members get DOUBLE the chances. Don’t say I never intro good deal k! Plus, you get 5% off when you use NETS :D !

Aiya okay I really gotta go, gotta prepare goods for the Hollyhoque giveaway then cab the fuck down to clementi T_T.

See y’all at the flea later k, massive amount of new arrivals & restocks :D

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