Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.

Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.

Tim Ho Wan with my toads before FOB! As usual, food spam when I’m with them. This was approximately half of what we ordered. A short while later, the table was so full that there wasn’t enough space to put all our dishes HAHAHA Damn shiok please! Faves are still the egg white spring rolls ^_^ !

Fall Out Boy afterwards!!!! I can now say that I’ve been to all three of their concerts here in Singapore. Totally worth it. The queue to get in was INSANE, and it was held at the shitty Fort Canning park arena with shitty acoustics and shit, but it was worth it just to hear them sing again T_T.

Perspired like MAD! We were jumping around and going abit siao but it was DAMN FUN. Also, can I just point out that the crowd was CRAZY CIVILIZED?! No mosh pit leh! How awesome?!!? Just a shitload of people, all enjoying music together. Sorta like a massive K-box session AHAHAHHAA

Just 2 short pointless videos just so you can hear Patrick sing and see the size of the crowd. We stood further back cause I’m too short to see if we went any nearer T_T.

I’m just so happy right now T_T

P.S – I apologize for the shitty quality of the pics. Based on experience, I knew I’d never be able to sneak my DSLR in so I brought my sister’s Canon Powershot instead! That said, it’s still a pretty good point-and-shoot camera though; super clear!

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