Wasted Light

Wasted Light

New Chevron bracelet from F21 that just arrived! Really like the bright colours but I’m scratching my head as to how I’m gonna match it :/ ! My loot has arrived, so obviously it’s time to trim stuff down. Room’s really overflowing >_< ! Should I join Public Garden this Weekend? Quite tempted! It’s gonna be held in a museum, but I already have a booth booked at Scape this Saturday so @_@. Let me know your thoughts! Which flea you will most likely drop by? Scape or Public Garden? Maybe .. I should do both LOL #moneyfaced

Check out the new collection that just freshly launched on Nakedglory.com :D ! The new T-bar frames are freakin’ gorgeous ^_^ ! Will be adding more faces in 3 week’s time, hopefully (: !

Also, how freakin’ AWESOME is that Zodiac print watch? Too freakin’ pretty, especially if you’re into horoscopes/astrology. The printing is super fine, you can seriously read every letter and see the outline of every symbol. Chio max.

Get them now only on www.nakedglory.com ;) !

On a completely unrelated note, I had a massive argument with the bf on Sunday. It’s one of the worst we’d ever had and it didn’t help that this was the first one in months. At one point, it escalated to involve my friend’s parents, which honestly I just feel so ~urgh~ about. Nothing is worse than implicating other people in your own issues. It’s a truly horrible feeling; somewhere between shame & embarrassment with a liberal sprinkling of fuck-fuck-shit-fuck.

We’d been invited to dinner and it’s not like I could blow it off. In fact, dinner was held back because of it. 多么丢脸. I’m cringing so hard just thinking about it. As we sat next to each other in silence, he deboned a piece of chicken and gave me all it’s meat. It was a simply gesture, really, but it meant so much. He’d surrendered; dropped the issue like it was nothing, even when he (and I) knew it was (partially) my fault. Teared like mad and delved into my food in a bid to stop myself from bawling in front of everyone. He held my hand under the table and that was it. Sometimes he really is the sweetest :’)

On that note, I know I have an issue with pride. Sometimes I can’t see that I’m wrong and I’ll refuse to apologize. Really need to work on that. It’s like .. if I’m only maybe 10% wrong I won’t consider it my fault. Is that bad? Probably right? 10% is still a percentage after all. Damn.

Hmkay I gotta go, ttyl !

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